Natural Remedy For Ulcerative Colitis

In 1989, I was skeletally thin, weak and wracked with pain – unable to eat almost anything without suffering colonic bleeding and cramping. Despite their best efforts, the medical profession was unable to help me. Feeling “tortured” and determined to heal myself, I began what turned out to be a seven-year journey, researching and experimenting with alternative and indigenous (native) healing therapies for IBD as I lived in Canada, Japan and England.

Years of research and experimentation led me to discover eight key steps that nearly everyone with inflammatory bowel disease needs to implement in order to heal their gut, and stop colonic bleeding naturally:

natural remedy for ulcerative colitis 1. Provide bowel rest using an elemental (pre-digested) liquid diet

2. Kill off the bad bacteria and fungus in the gut (disease-causing organisms)

3. Re-populate the gastrointestinal tract with good bacteria

4. Heal intestinal inflammation and ulceration

5. Resolve nutritional deficiencies

6. Detox your living environment

7. Heal the contributing emotional factors

8. Balance your hormones

These 8 key steps are listed in detail in my book, Listen To Your Gut, and also in the video below. By the time people find their way to my colitis treatment protocols, their bacterial flora is usually unbalanced throughout their gastrointestinal tract. The repeated use of antibiotics (often since childhood) and the invasive medical diagnostic tests alone have destroyed much of the “good” protective bacteria in their small and large intestine. When the good, protective bacteria are depleted, then disease-causing organisms like yeast (Candida albicans), viruses, parasites, and bad bacteria flourish.

This excess of disease-causing organisms causes inflammation and damage to the mucosal lining, resulting in leaky gut syndrome – a condition where undigested food particles and bacteria seep into the bloodstream, triggering allergic reactions and infection in other places in the body (the joints, skin, eyes, etc).

Let’s look at each of these eight key steps to heal colitis in more detail. Or you can watch this video as I walk you through each step:

YouTube video

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1. Resting the Bowel

In extreme cases, the best and fastest way to heal colitis is to go on an elemental liquid diet (as outlined in my book, The IBD Remission Diet) in order to rest the bowel, eliminate any foods that trigger inflammation, and heal the underlying infection and inflammation in the digestive system. An elemental liquid diet is also a good idea if you are very malnourished or underweight, or if you have ongoing intestinal bleeding, intestinal obstruction, stricture in the colon (narrowing), or blockages.

In 2002, I formulated a liquid diet supplement shake especially for those with colon and bowel disorders, Absorb Plus. Absorb Plus is a delicious elemental (pre-digested) nutrition and protein shake made of 100% natural ingredients. It requires very little digestion and is absorbed quickly by the body, nourishing even those who have difficulty eating and/or digesting solid food.

If you don’t require anything as drastic as an elemental liquid diet, then just follow the appropriate Healing Diet (in Chapter 3 of my first book, Listen To Your Gut) for your symptom profile, while following the other steps below. If you do start with an elemental liquid diet, then begin the rest of the protocols below at the same time. If you can tolerate it, the multi-pronged healing approach is the quickest natural treatment for ulcerative colitis.

The great news is that a number of my readers have tested using raw milk (unpasteurized milk from pasture-fed cows, goats or camels) instead of Absorb Plus for their elemental diet, and if they can tolerate it, they show great improvement. Others have used a combination of Absorb Plus and well-tolerated foods. However, people in extreme disease states may only tolerate clear broths and an elemental shake product, like Absorb Plus – which has both the casein and lactose removed from the whey protein version. The Vegan version uses rice isolate protein only – the carb component has been removed.

Vegan Elemental Shakes – Your other option, if you cannot tolerate whey protein isolate, or raw dairy, is to use a vegan elemental shake. Absorb Plus is now available in vegan options.

Food-based Shakes – Alternatively, if you cannot afford any kind of specialized shake or supplements, then check out my article on how to Use Common Foods To Heal IBD. Alternate these food-based shakes with bone broths.

2. Killing Off The Bad Bugs

To get rid of disease-causing bacteria, viruses, yeast, mycobacteria (MAP – a bacteria/fungal hybrid) and parasites in your gut, use Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol (see Chapter 2 of Listen To Your Gut). If you have a mycobacterial infection, you will need to cycle on and off this wild oregano oil protocol for 2 to 3 years to get rid of all the mycobacteria – as they have an inactive/active lifecycle.

People generally start with Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol and then after completing the first round of treatment, move to high dose, therapeutic probiotic (“good” bacteria) supplementation. Remember, they have already begun probiotic supplementation with my Wild Oregano Oil Protocol, so their system doesn’t usually have much difficulty making the change to high dose probiotics.

home remedy for ulcerative colitis

3. Re-Populating The Gut Flora

Probiotics for colitis treatment must be taken in live, viable form; the bacteria must be capable of colonizing (multiplying in and sticking to) the gastrointestinal tract, and they must be taken in high enough amounts to have a therapeutic effect.  Based on clinical trials, you need to take a minimum of 7 to 10 billion CFU (colony-forming units) per day. Learn how to choose a potent probiotic for therapeutic use, so that your probiotic will actually be capable of shifting your bioterrain (or gut flora) – sign up for the Colitis Quick-Start Guide in the green box above, which includes a podcast all about probiotics.

However, if your inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is in a very active state, or you are highly sensitive to probiotics, then you need to start out with small amounts and very gradually build the dose up. In these cases, it is often best to start with an infant species of bacteria called B. infantis and then gradually work your way up to the adult species like L. acidophilus, B. bifidus and L. bulgaricus.

Note: If you are having more than 3 bowel movements per day, then don’t take anything in capsule form (probiotics or supplements) – when you have loose bowels the travel time through the gut is too fast for capsules or tablets to be properly absorbed and used. In that case, you need to take powder or liquid supplements, or open the capsules and dissolve them in liquid.

Once you can tolerate high, therapeutic levels of probiotics (and many can right away) then the best colitis treatment results are seen from probiotic layering. This means you take both the powders and the capsules to maximize the beneficial effects of each, and then perform Jini’s Probiotic Retention Enema – where a probiotic enema is held in your colon until all the liquid is absorbed, so the probiotics can immediately begin to colonize the large bowel, without having to go through the digestive tract.

4. Healing Intestinal Inflammation and Ulceration

While the steps above greatly contribute to the healing of intestinal inflammation and ulceration, targeted herbal supplementation is also a highly beneficial natural ulcerative colitis treatment for more rapid healing.

If you have ongoing bleeding from the colon, then use Jini’s Healing Implant EnemaMucosaCalm and George’s Aloe Vera Juice, along with an elemental liquid diet. If bleeding is mild or sporadic, take MucosaCalm along with George’s Aloe Vera Juice and L-glutamine. Therapeutic-grade probiotics are also crucial, along with the appropriate Healing Diet for colitis (from my book Listen To Your Gut).

5. Resolving Nutritional Deficiencies

Here are the nutritional supplements that I believe pretty much everyone with ulcerative colitis needs to take, because of increased loss of nutrients through rapid food transit time, diarrhea and/or lack of absorption of nutrients:

  • A full spectrum multi-vitamin and multi-mineral – although it would be ideal to take these in food form, many people with colitis symptoms cannot tolerate whole food vitamins. Angstrom-sized, or nanoparticle minerals, are very easily tolerated and highly absorbable, but are also more expensive. While regular mineral supplements are not ideal, if you cannot afford the nano-sized minerals, they are certainly better than nothing. Due to the alkalizing (acid-lowering) effect of minerals (people with inflammatory bowel disease tend to have a hyper-acidic pH), I strongly recommend that colitis sufferers take both the Bone Matrix and Trace Matrix atom-sized minerals, along with MultiAbsorb (daily multi-vitamin), for the most rapid healing.
  • 3,000-4,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day. Discover the right dosage for your skin color and environment.
  • 4 to 6 capsules of cod liver oil per day (or 2 teaspoons), or krill oil.
  • Many people with ulcerative colitis also suffer from anemia. But iron supplements are irritating to the gut and can trigger intestinal bleeding. Again the solution is to take your iron in nanoparticle, or atom-sized form. This means that the iron is instantly absorbed into the bloodstream and does not require digestion, therefore not irritating the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.
  • Vitamin C in mineral ascorbate form – needed for your immune system and for blood clotting. Do not take in ascorbic acid form, or it will cause loose bowel movements or diarrhea.

Each of these supplements is vital for healing the various symptoms of colitis, and they also work synergistically (better together) to accelerate healing. These are the exact products that I recommend to my readers (which have been tested for tolerance by thousands of my readers with colitis). If you don’t want to order online, copy down the names and get your local health store to order them in.

Note: If you are having more than 3 bowel movements per day, take powder or liquid supplements only, or open the capsules and dissolve them in liquid.

After using the various Healing Diets, therapies and supplements in Listen To Your Gut, when your digestive tract is healed to the point where you can properly digest and absorb the nutrients from your food, then you continue onto my Maintenance Diet for ongoing bowel and colon health. Many people follow the Maintenance Diet guidelines for their entire family as a common-sense way to eliminate toxins and damaging additives from your food.

6. Detoxing Your Living Environment of Causes of Colitis

A major part of healing colitis involves reducing and eliminating (as much as possible) the toxins in your life that you sense are harmful to you. You need to become aware of all the elements of so-called “normal” life that are actually toxic, and create an environment that supports healing – not one that works against your efforts.

In Chapter 4 of Listen To Your Gut, I take you through every room in your house and show you how to create a safe and supportive healing environment in your home. What pans are you cooking with? How much electromagnetic radiation is in your house? What elements of your home are giving off harmful chemicals while you sleep? The accompanying Workbook provides a step-by-step checklist, to make this process easy.

what is ulcerative colitis

7. Identifying and Healing Emotional Causes of Colitis

Over 60% of your body’s neurotransmitters are not in your brain, but in your gut! (see Dr. Michael Gershon’s book, The Second Brain to learn more about this). There is now an entire field dedicated to this emerging knowledge about the interrelation of the mind, emotions and the digestive system, called neurogastroenterology.

This is not airy-fairy stuff – this is hard science. Consider blushing – a purely emotional event that instantly produces a marked physical reaction. That’s just one example of how the mind/emotions and body are inextricably linked. If you don’t heal the psychological and emotional causes of colitis, then you will not have long-term vibrant health. It’s really that simple.

In my experience, the most effective mind/body therapies to treat colitis and other colon and bowel disorders are Lazer Tapping/EFT (acupressure Tapping therapy), hypnotherapy and craniosacral therapy (at Level II or higher). You need to work with a skilled therapist, at least initially, to really see good results. And it’s best if you can use a therapist who is experienced with chronic illness like ulcerative colitis; which is more complex than regular illness.

Lazer Tapping is great because it’s a tool you can learn to use on your own. Come join me for a free session and see how it makes you feel.

8. Balancing Your Hormones

If you have had colitis symptoms for longer than eight months, or if you have taken any kind of steroid or immune suppressant drug, then it is highly likely your thyroid gland is not functioning properly, and quite likely your adrenal glands aren’t either.

Ideally, you should see a doctor who specializes in hormone balancing and have your endocrine system (glands that produce hormones) tested properly. You should then follow a natural hormone supplement program tailored to your specific needs. However, since we have seen that many people either cannot afford to do this, or just can’t seem to find the time or energy to do it, I’ll give you a shortcut that has helped many.

Endocrine specialist, Jonathan V. Wright MD, has developed a holistic endocrine supplement called Thyroplex. He reasons that you should never just treat one gland in isolation – since they are all linked like dominoes. Therefore, you need to support the entire endocrine system to return to balance. Many of my readers with ulcerative colitis see very good results from taking Thyroplex (there is one for males and one for females). Women with colitis usually also benefit from taking natural progesterone cream (1/4 teaspoon rubbed into the soles of the feet once a day).

This is a shortcut endocrine treatment that usually benefits most people with symptoms of colitis and other inflammatory bowel disease. But again, it is definitely recommended that you see a doctor who specializes in hormones to have your individual situation assessed properly.

REMEMBER: Do All 8 Steps Together

And there you have it! If you implement each of these eight steps, you will benefit from the fastest, most thorough natural ulcerative colitis treatment available today. The key is to do all eight steps – preferably all at once – without skipping over any of them. Step-by-step guidelines including targeted Healing Diets, self-assessment tests, symptom guides, and more are given in my book, Listen To Your Gut.

Other Useful Remedies

Despite being diagnosed with widespread inflammatory bowel disease in 1984, I have not taken drugs or surgery for over 20 years, but have successfully healed myself using the natural methods outlined above. You may also benefit from these other treatments as needed:

FissureHeal relieves anal/rectal fissures; HemorrHeal helps heal internal or external hemorrhoids; wild oregano oil treats fistulas (inflamed tunnel between the anal canal and the skin); L-glutaminebentonite clay, and psyllium seed or ColonEaze~FIRM to treat diarrhea (we also have a version for constipation), and Intestinal StrictureHeal or hot castor oil packs relieve pain or intestinal obstruction.

YouTube video

In order to be truly freed from the oppression of colitis, you need to take the time to address and heal ALL of the contributing factors and underlying ulcerative colitis causes.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a very short version of these treatments, to get more details, dosages, etc. please sign up for my free COLITIS QUICK-START GUIDE towards the top of this page. You’ll receive Chapter One of Listen To Your Gut, my in-depth Probiotics Podcast, top reader Q&A, and a list of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) resources.

What Is Ulcerative Colitis?

Colitis is a bowel disease (an inflammation of the inner lining of the colon), resulting in pain, loose bowel movements or diarrhea, loss of bowel control, and intestinal bleeding (blood in the stool). There are over ten types of colitis, with the most common being ulcerative colitis, ischemic colitis, microscopic colitis, and infectious colitis. Causes of colitis include food allergies, infections, poor blood supply, and autoimmune reactions.

After healing myself of serious gastrointestinal disease, consulting with people with all types of colon and bowel conditions for over ten years, and answering thousands of questions on my online forum, I have become internationally recognized as an expert on natural remedies for colitis, Crohn’s and diverticulitis. Even if you have tried every colitis treatment available without success, don’t give up hope – my natural remedies for colitis have helped tens of thousands of people worldwide, and my books are sold in over 80 countries.

N.P., London, UK

“My daughter had her check up with her Paediatrician yesterday he was amazed at her histology and also her Colonoscopy results. He took notes to see what I have been doing. He was so skeptical in August but was astounded at how minimal her inflammation is and he is taking everything from your book seriously he has ordered a copy of Listen To Your Gut and has asked me to give him a breakdown of everything. I will keep shouting your name from the rooftops thank you so much!”