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Most Imix wholesale clients begin by offering Absorb Plus elemental shakes. Once they have patients getting good results from Absorb Plus, they usually introduce other Imix products, like QuikPlus atom-sized (nano) minerals, MultiAbsorb Daily Essential or Immune Booster, MucosaCalm, ColonEaze, and so on.

How Absorb Plus helps your Practice

Jini Patel Thompson formulated Absorb Plus back in 2002 after a mercury-induced colonic hemorrhage. She used these elemental shakes to go from 99 lbs to 135 lbs, from bedridden to working out at the gym 3x/week — in 7 weeks flat. THAT is the power of Absorb Plus.

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Customers currently use Absorb Plus in these ways:

  • Bowel rest elemental diet
  • Half elemental diet
  • Food allergy testing & clearance
  • Microbiome reset
  • During travel – keeps the gut calm and no risk of food-induced flares
  • During stressful periods – loss of loved one, divorce, moving house, new baby, etc. Absorb Plus soothes the gut, keeps nutrition levels high, so the person can navigate stress without flaring.
  • Pre or Post-workout shake
  • Breakfast shake – they may add a banana and other supplements

Your clients will likely use Absorb Plus in these ways, ongoing, for years or even decades.

Most people go on an exclusively elemental diet for 2 weeks (SIBO, food allergy clearance/testing) to 6 weeks (bleeding or obstructive Crohn’s, colitis, or diverticulitis). They usually require 5-8 shakes per day. So although an elemental diet is not cheap, the results are well worth it!

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Elemental Diet – How Does it Benefit the Gut & How to Use It?

Jini Patel Thompson (formulator of Absorb Plus) discusses the benefits from using an elemental diet and why. How to use an elemental diet to reset the gut flora, relieve an intestinal obstruction or stricture, provide bowel rest for inflammation or bleeding. And how to use it for SIBO, Crohn’s, colitis, diverticulitis, or food allergies.

  • Elemental Diet = Gut flora reset
  • Absorb Plus Elemental diet shakes – whey, vegan, amino
  • Elemental diets are great for SIBO, IBD (Crohn’s, colitis, diverticulitis)
  • Elemental diet provides bowel rest to give intestinal bleeding a chance to heal
  • Liquid elemental diet shakes nourish and allow intestinal obstructions to clear – due to strictures, or inflamed diverticulae

Wholesale Application

    Minimum Order: 1 Case (8 tubs). Any versions or flavors.
    Wholesale Discount: 30%
    Shipping: Free Shipping in the Continental USA for any orders over $499. Otherwise, $14.95 shipping fee.

    7, 1kg tubs of Absorb Plus (any versions/flavors) + 4 samples + 10 brochures
    (samples and brochures are free). Less than $350 to get started!


    Exclusively Elemental diet or Half diet – What Should I Do?

    Jini outlines options for the different ways someone can use an elemental diet; to facilitate bowel rest, gut healing, and a microbiome reset. She tells people when it’s best to go on a 100% exclusively elemental diet (pre-digested liquids ONLY). And when they might do well on only a half elemental diet (cheaper and easier!) where the other half of daily food intake is well-tolerated or low residue foods. She also shares stories of ways her readers use Absorb Plus elemental shakes to head off a flare or deal with stress.

    In the past, we believed in complete bowel rest for three to six weeks. But a study from Japan changed everything. It introduced the “half elemental diet.” It’s simple – half shakes, half well-tolerated foods. Surprisingly, it worked almost as well and was much easier to handle. No need for strict rules anymore!

    Many people, sensing a potential flare or just not feeling their best, swiftly make a move to elemental shakes for a few days, to proactively ward off that impending flare. Afterwards, it’s a seamless transition back to low-residue, easily tolerated foods. Another approach involves having an Absorb Plus shake at the time of day when your digestive system tends to be more sensitive.

    Am I Intolerant to the Shakes or Herxing/Detoxing?

    This is one of the top questions people ask when they start an elemental diet. In this video, Jini discusses how to discern between an ingredient allergy or intolerance, versus a Herxheimer or die-off effect; as pathogens are cleared from the gut. She also provides solutions for both situations.

    One of the significant challenges during an elemental diet is distinguishing between symptoms of allergies, intolerance, and die-off reactions.

    Common signs such as fatigue, headaches, bloating, and gas may be attributed to various causes.

    People are encouraged to pick the right version of Absorb Plus, based on what works for their unique body. Switch between different versions (whey isolate, vegan, free-form amino acids) during the elemental diet to see how the body responds.

    Bloating, resembling a four-month pregnant belly, is discussed as a common reaction to elemental diets due to their pre-digested nature (think baby-belly). This is a normal response for many individuals. It occasionally results in constipation, and in the video Jini provides a simple solution involving magnesium citrate supplementation. People can also use high dose vitamin C (in ascorbic acid form) to stimulate bowel movements and reap the immune boost at the same time!

    More questions?

    Contact us if you have any questions about wholesale pricing, volume discounts, ordering, shipping etc.

    If you have watched the short videos above and want to go really in-depth, then dive into this 1-hr video presentation Jini hosted for a distributor of Absorb Plus:

    This was a presentation from Jini Patel Thompson, for a UK supplement supplier for health professionals, who wanted to know how to use Absorb Plus and other elemental diet options for their clients.

    If you still have product/usage questions, after watching all the videos on this page, then Jini is available for consults (practitioners only). Email us your questions (bullet points are fine) and we will schedule a meeting.

    More Imix Wholesale Products

    Many practitioners start with Absorb Plus for their clients, but feel free to offer these other excellent quality, unique supplements from Imix (all formulated by Jini Patel Thompson), whenever you wish.

    All Imix products are 100% natural, ideal for sensitive GI tracts, gastric bypass,
    autoimmune, chronic or acute conditions – and then for maintenance, ongoing.

    MucosaCalm – people with inflammatory bowel disease suffer from a damaged glycosaminoglycan layer (mucosal lining) and their intestinal tract is often riddled with ulcers, fissures, inflamed patches and sometimes fistulas. MucosaCalm provides excellent demulcent and mucilage activity for the gastrointestinal tract and mucosal lining.

    QuikPlus Minerals – liquid atom-sized (angstrom/nanoparticle-sized – less than 250 picometres in diameter) and ionically charged, so they do not require digestion, won’t build up in arteries, nor irritate the bowel. Atom-sized minerals are the ideal size and form for absorption – because they do not require digestion.

    Instead of regular powdered minerals – of which the body can only absorb 10-15% – due to their tiny size (less than 250 picometers) and ionic charge, these mineral atoms can pass directly into cell channels. So they’re instantly bio-available.

    Add to water, tea, soup, juice, shakes or smoothies.

    ColonEaze – stool bulking and softening blends, binding to remove toxins, improve intestinal muscle tone, and help to regulate/balance peristalsis.
    Specifically formulated to be gentle, yet effective, for people with sensitive bowels. Available in two versions: ColonEaze Firm for diarrhea; and ColonEaze Move for constipation.

    MultiAbsorb – Two versions; Daily Essential and Immune Booster. More per serving than any other multivitamin product, in the most bio-available forms. Safe for MTHFR gene mutation. Add 1 scoop to an Absorb Plus shake, or smoothie, protein shake, juice, or water. 100% Natural: No fillers, flow agents, preservatives or artificial anything.

    MultiAbsorb Daily Essential contains all your trace minerals, daily nutrients, antioxidants + amino acids – what you get from Absorb Plus shakes BUT with the amounts boosted so you only take 1 serving per day. 37 powerful nutrients in the most bioavailable forms!

    MultiAbsorb Immune Booster contains everything in Daily Essential, PLUS targeted supplements for eye health (Lutein and Zeaxanthin), along with the best bioflavonoids to help prevent allergies and hemorrhoids (Quercetin and Rutin), along with 9 powerful multi-tasking herbs that not only support the immune system, but also support liver, endocrine and respiratory health. Total of 47 targeted super nutrients in therapeutic amounts!

    All Imix Nutrition products are available at a wholesale discount of 30%

    Additional volume discounts are available and can be discussed once you are approved and get started.

    Any questions?

    Contact us if you have any questions about product usage or benefits, marketing materials, wholesale pricing, volume discounts, ordering, shipping etc. We’re here to help!