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General Inquiries

Please note that Jini Patel Thompson is not a licensed health professional and therefore is unable to provide personal health advice. However, she can answer public comments left on the blog or on our LTYG Facebook page. We also have an amazing team (trained by Jini) to answer your questions via the CHAT box (lower right hand corner of this site) or email. Or, book with one of Jini’s recommended list of practitioners and doctors.

Customer support is available from 10am-6pm EST, M-F (except on holidays). Our usual response time is within 24 hours, unless you leave your message on a weekend or holiday.

For those of you who wish to make our products available to your patients or community, we have an Affiliate Program and we also offer our books, CDs, DVDs and health supplements at wholesale pricing for qualified resellers. If you’re interested in volume purchasing our products to sell in your store, then please email us, or use the form below.