When I am strong, healthy and vibrant, life becomes
the wonderful adventure it is supposed to be.

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In 1985, at age 17, I was diagnosed with widespread Crohn’s disease. For the first three years I did everything the doctors told me to do, getting sicker every year, until I realized the traditional medical protocols didn’t work. I spent the next seven years discovering how to heal myself – by listening to my gut and then using myself as a guinea pig to test each remedy or therapy.

Coming from a family of doctors and pharmacists, I was taught to look at things using the scientific method. So when I began exploring natural healing for inflammatory bowel disease, I conducted multiple controlled trials on each herb or substance, to determine what worked reliably and what didn’t – eventually developing tried-and-tested methods to successfully deal with each symptom, yet also gradually heal the underlying causative factors.

Listen To Your GutI published my first book, Listen To Your Gut, in 2000, and since then hundreds of thousands of people in over 80 different countries have learned how to listen to their own gut, or body wisdom, and take a holistic approach to healing their gut dis-ease (imbalance). The LTYG community (listen to your gut!) continues to grow.

Ongoing, I also research and trial-test natural treatments for other conditions that my readers or their families (or my family) suffer from – not just colon and bowel disorders, but a wide variety of ailments from vomiting flu to acne. I’m happy to offer these helpful home remedies to you and your family as well:

What’s hurting you? Find the home remedy for your symptom(s) and begin healing today!

Listen to Your Gut (LTYG) is a unique community that offers support and solutions for all the stages of your healing journey. LTYG was created to be a resource center, where you can learn about your condition, illness, or symptom and find a natural holistic approach to freedom from disease or ill health.

You will also find supplements formulated or recommended by me (Jini Patel Thompson) that have been essential to my healing journey, and the ongoing health of my entire family. My healing guides, books and videos about natural healing will help empower you with the knowledge and strength needed to face life-altering conditions such as inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) like Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, and ulcerative colitis, as well as, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, and any other dis-ease that begins in the gut.

Listen To Your Gut

The possibilities are endless when we are free of pain and suffering, because we finally have the energy and spirit to do more than just dream. We are here to help you move beyond just surviving, and into the vibrancy of your full potential.

Start that business, go on that vacation, move somewhere that inspires you, start a family… Go ahead, listen to your gut and see where it may lead you.