LAZER TAPPING: 4-Week Self-Healing Course

Online Video Tutorials + Practice Sessions + Live Support Sessions

Imagine if you could connect with the trauma stored in your tissues and cells – to liberate and release these locked-in emotions and experiences. Imagine if you had a powerful technique you could use immediately whenever painful events or symptoms emerged…

This is the cornerstone mind/body/spirit healing technique I used to heal the root causes of my widespread Crohn’s Disease, and remain healed for over 25 years! I use it with my kids, family, friends and pets – for physical healing, anxiety, fears, stress, overwhelm, depression, saboteurs, and more.

Guides: Jini Patel Thompson, Jenny Andrews

DIG DEEP: Come Home to Your Body

Online Video Workshop

Allow Jini’s magical herd to show you where and how humans separate from their physical form and how we can safely move back inside our precious bodies. Perhaps you’ve dissociated due to childhood abuse or trauma, or perhaps because of an abusive relationship or life situation? How can you LISTEN to your body/gut when you’re not even connected to it? Perhaps you’re ready to shift that… join Jini and the Singing Horse Herd for this powerful online video workshop experiencing what it’s like to be IN your body.

Guides: Jini Patel Thompson, Jenny Andrews, Güliz Ünlü

DIG DEEP: Accessing the Fierce Feminine for Protection & Leadership

Online Video Workshop

Learn how to access your fierce feminine to set healthy, calm, IT IS or THIS MUST BE boundaries. Learn the calm way to protect your body by setting boundaries around your time and energy. Follow the horses’ lead as they show you how to release patriarchal versions of dominance-based power or aggression, and access the wise matriarch. Whether you’re male or female, you have a fierce feminine! Learn how to access yours and what that looks/feels like. Learn to be the grounded, connected, guardian of your body, family, and inner self. Come on a journey with Jini, her Singing Horse Herd and invited experts.

Guides: Jini Patel Thompson, Nataschaa Chatterton, Jenny Andrews, Güliz Ünlü