What You Need To Know About Elemental Diets

What You Need To Know About Elemental Diets (eBook)

In this guide, What You Need to Know About Elemental Diets, I discuss how an elemental diet can help you, and what the difference is between a full elemental and half elemental diet. I explain how an elemental diet can assist with SIBO, intestinal blockage or obstruction, food allergy testing or clearance, and other uses as well. I tell you what to look for in an elemental diet, such as the protein source, carbohydrates, and fats, and well as signs of intolerance. Finally, I give you the elemental diet shakes I recommend.

How to use an Elemental Diet with SIBO & IBS

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When everything you eat makes you feel sick or results in pain, or sometimes even intestinal bleeding, you quickly become afraid of eating. Combine this anxiety with the fatigue that accompanies a chronic illness like inflammatory bowel disease (leaving you too tired to cook healthy foods) and it becomes very difficult to ingest enough nutrients every day to meet your body’s needs.

What if there was a perfect food, that only took 2 minutes to prepare and made your gut feel soothed and safe? A food where all of the crucial nutrients could be properly digested and absorbed – regardless of the state of your gastrointestinal tract? 

That food is a liquid elemental shake, and not only is it pre-digested for maximum absorption, it is also 100% natural and alkaline (to counter acidic pH). You can use elemental shakes exclusively – as an elemental diet – or you can use it to replace certain meals, while still eating your regular foods. 

Elemental means that all the nutrients in it have been pre-digested for quick absorption, entering your bloodstream within 15 to 20 minutes to quickly nourish your body, even if you have trouble with eating, swallowing, or digestion. Think of it as going back to breastmilk. The stool that results from an elemental diet is greatly reduced in volume and usually liquid, therefore, it also gives your colon a rest from passing normal stool and thus helps colonic wounds heal faster.

In this guide you will learn:

  • How an Elemental Diet can help you
  • What a full Elemental Diet is and it’s benefits
  • What a Half-Elemental Diet is and it’s benefits
  • Using an Elemental Diet with SIBO, intestinal blockage, or obstruction
  • Using an Elemental Diet for food allergy testing & other uses
  • Bowel Issues on an Elemental Diet
  • An easy way to transition off of an Elemental Diet
  • What to look for in a shake
  • Signs of intolerance
  • + MORE!

What You Need To Know About Elemental Diets Table Of Contents

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