What Causes A Throat Infection – Sore Throat?

A throat infection can be caused by a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection. Symptoms can include a sore or painful throat, difficulty swallowing, hoarse voice (or loss of voice), fever, fatigue, and swollen or tender lymph nodes in the neck.

A common cause of a sore throat or throat infection is a bacterial infection known as Strep Throat. You can read all about the signs and characteristics of Strep Throat on the Mayo Clinic’s Strep Throat page.

Natural Remedy For A Throat Infection – Sore Throat

The fastest way we’ve found to heal a throat infection (like Strep Throat) is to use a powerful, broad-spectrum anti-pathogen substance; like wild oregano oil.

The idea is to coat the throat with wild oregano and let it “sit” on the mucosal tissue for about 10 minutes each dosage, allowing it to kill the fungus, virus or bacteria colony in your throat.

Get a potent brand of wild oregano oil, then take it the way shown in this video, BUT do not swallow the mouthful (of Oregano in water) as shown in the video – GARGLE it first, for as long as you can, then swallow, then drink NOTHING for 10 minutes:

If you want to kill the infection quickly, then:

  • Use 10 drops of wild oregano every hour for the entire day, and whenever you wake at night (24 hours)
  • Then 10 drops, 4x/day until symptoms disappear

For children aged 5-11, cut the dosage in half.

If you want to be moderate, then:

  • Use 10 drops of wild oregano 3-4x/day until symptoms disappear

For children aged 5-11, cut the dosage in half.

Note: If you do not tolerate wild oregano oil, then you can substitute with olive leaf extract – which is also available in spray form. Children may find it easier to tolerate olive leaf extract in spray form, or you can alternate between the two.

For a simple sore throat (not a strong infection like Strep Throat), my kids use a combination of wild oregano oil gargle and this olive leaf homeopathic throat spray. Often, if we catch it right at the beginning, the throat spray is all they need and they all like the taste of it!