What Causes Skin Lumps and Growths?

I’m using this catch-all phrase of “lumps and growths” for those times when something doesn’t look right, or wasn’t there before, yet you don’t have a medical diagnosis for your condition.

It might be a skin tag, or fungal growth, or an infection of some kind, it could be a benign tumor, or some kind of melanoma pre-cursor. We don’t always need to know what something is, or what caused it, to be able to heal it.

Skin Lump

Mystery Skin Lump Remedies

Having a large family, I have also seen a large variety of skin lumps or growths that just didn’t ‘look right’. So I’m going to give you a few different remedies that we’ve used repeatedly among family and friends that have worked well with a high success rate.

Sometimes you may start with 1 formula and then realize it’s not working as well as you’d like, or, your intuition nudges you to switch formulas. Sometimes you need a double-hitter to achieve success! It doesn’t necessarily mean that your first hunch was wrong – your body may just need a 2-pronged approach.

So I’ll tell you which formulas we’ve used for our issues, and then you can apply as needed to your own situation. All of these formulas can be used under doctor supervision, or after you’ve received a diagnosis as well.

Skin Tag Formula

Mix together and store in a dark amber glass bottle. Apply with clean finger or natural bristle paintbrush, 1-3x/day, allow to air dry.

This is a strong formula that’s going to sting on contact! However, the sting gets less severe after a couple of applications. My son once had a very visible/annoying skin tag at the top of his ear. This formula worked brilliantly.

As the skin tag dies or dries up, rub off the dead skin gently and apply the formula to fresh tissue.

Melanoma Pre-Cursor Formula

Mix together in a dark amber glass bottle. Shake well before each application. Apply 1-3x/day with your finger or natural bristle paintbrush and cover with a band-aid.

The first time my mum was diagnosed with skin cancer on her face, she had it surgically removed. The next time, she used this formula and it healed up nicely. My husband was also diagnosed with melanoma (or pre-cursor) on his head and this formula worked a charm. You will see variations of this formula from Dr. Julian Whitaker, Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, and Dr. Gordon Telford.

Mystery Lump Formula

This formula works well when you have no idea what it is, or what kind of microbe (viral, fungal, bacterial) could be causing it. It also works well for any skin condition that needs to be dried out to help it heal (including warts).

In a glass container or 4 oz amber glass jar, mix together the DMSO and wild oregano.

Then add zinc oxide powder, stirring continually, until a thick sticky paste is formed. I like to use a wooden chopstick to mix, then I can just throw it away when I’m done (zinc oxide is hard to clean). Zinc oxide powder behaves like icing sugar, so add about 1 tablespoon at a time and mix thoroughly before adding the next spoonful. If you happen to add too much zinc, then just add more wild oregano oil – one drop at a time – until you have a consistency that is spreadable, yet thick enough to stick to the skin or nail.

Store mixture in an amber glass bottle (empty wild oregano or Natren probiotic bottle works well) with a lid. Store at room temperature.

Apply to the affected area once per day using a finger, Q-tip, or natural-bristle paintbrush. Remember that zinc oxide will stain white anything it comes into contact with. So cover with sterile gauze or a band-aid to prevent staining. After 12 hours, remove covering (wash area to remove zinc so it doesn’t stain) and leave the area open to the air for the next 6-12 hours.

Your paste should have this consistency so it will cover and stick to skin or nails.

*WARNING: Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) will transport anything it comes in contact with instantly into the cells. So wash your hands with natural soap before handling, and use only unvarnished wood, stainless steel, or glass to store or apply. Avoid plastics or anything that contains synthetic chemicals that could be transported into your body. May cause skin irritation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, clothing. Wash thoroughly after handling. In case of eye contact, immediately flush eyes with water and call a physician.

And there you have it, from my healing toolkit to yours! Seriously, there has not been anything that we haven’t been able to heal using one of these formulas (I’ve also used them with my dogs and horses).


  • Use whichever formula you feel will work best for your situation – don’t be shy to try different ones.
  • As your lump dries or heals, gently abrade the lump to slough off any dead/dry skin, so you can apply the formula to fresh tissue.
  • Make sure lump/growth is also exposed to the air on a regular basis – don’t just keep it bandaged 24/7
  • Take supplements to bolster your immune and endocrine health, like MultiAbsorb Immune, Natren probiotics, and QuikPlus atom-sized ionic minerals.