What You Need To Know About ProbioticsWhat You Need To Know About Probiotics (eBook)

In this eBook, Jini Patel Thompson shows you how to assess and choose a potent probiotic – one that is capable of colonizing your gut and ‘sticking’ to the intestinal wall. She also tells you how much you need to take to see significant results and discusses issues like the Herxheimer Effect, intolerance to bacteria and how you need to take probiotics; depending on whether you tend towards constipation or diarrhea.

Repopulating your bacterial flora to contain predominantly good bacteria (via probiotic supplementation) will result in a drastic reduction – if not elimination – of many harmful pathogens like yeast, fungus, mold, parasites, viruses and bad bacteria from your gut environment.

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What You Need to Know About Probiotics 

Probiotic therapy benefits people with IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease) and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) in many ways. If you get too many “bad” bacteria in your gut and not enough “good” bacteria, the bad bacteria (and other pathogenic microorganisms like yeast, fungi, parasites, etc.) will degrade the mucosal lining of your intestine and even penetrate through the intestinal wall. Aside from resulting in an increase of mucous, inflammation, ulceration and bleeding, this will also result in undigested particles of food passing directly into your bloodstream – where they are perceived as allergens and trigger an immune response.