Jini’s Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for PNE & Pelvic Pain (eBook)

Pudendal nerve entrapment, also known as Alcock’s canal, occurs when the pudendal nerve (which carries signals to and from the genital and anal area) becomes damaged, compressed or entrapped. This causes pudendal neuropathy, or pelvic pain, which can worsen when sitting or as the day progresses. Other symptoms can include genital numbness (or increased sensitivity), fecal and urinary straining or incontinence, and sexual dysfunction.

Causes of pudendal nerve entrapment include pregnancy, accidents, infection and inflammation, and scarring from surgery or surgical mishaps. Scar tissue is not as flexible as healthy tissue, and the gradual build-up and thickening of scar tissue can narrow and constrict the anal or rectal canal, resulting in a stricture, compressed ligaments, or compressed or trapped pudendal nerve.

The pudendal nerve can also fuse or adhere to different parts of the anatomy, or become trapped, or pinched – therefore sending pain signals. Remember that pain is the body’s way of alerting you to a problem that it needs your help to resolve.

As a result of the pudendal nerve triggering or firing repeatedly, you may also experience cramping and pain throughout your levator ani muscles – remember that the pudendal nerves spread throughout those muscles.

In this eBook Jini Patel Thompson presents a number of techniques for both pudendal nerve entrapment and cramping or spasming levator ani muscles (the muscles surrounding your rectum) that work especially well in combination. Details, dosages and full instruction for each of these techniques are given in the eBook:

1. Apply a hot castor oil pack to rectal muscles.

2. Take a hot magnesium bath.

3. Take nanoparticle or angstrom magnesium.

4. Take herbal muscle relaxants.

5. Choose the best natural remedies for your type of constipation.

6. Self administer a colonic massage.

6. Have professional bodywork therapy by specifically trained practitioners.

Natural Treatments for PNE & Pelvic Pain (eBook)

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