~ Activate your Fierce Feminine
for Protection & Leadership ~

Learn how to access the calm, grounded strength of your mama-bear fierce feminine to set healthy, calm, strong boundaries. Whether you’re male or female, you have a fierce feminine!

“True boundaries start within. They are not fences that you build around yourself. They grow from that place of power, or strength/identity/wholeness that sits in the core of you. Then you grow and expand this outward from your center and hold it as far out, or as strongly as is necessary. Here I am, Here I will remain.” – Kaliah (the black horse)

What are signs of poor boundaries? Do you have problems with:

  • pleasing other people far more than yourself
  • managing your anger
  • agreeing to something, then wishing you hadn’t
  • speaking your truth
  • speaking up in groups, or to authority figures
  • communicating your feelings or desires
  • creating and setting boundaries
  • being overrun and exhausted a lot
  • never having time to do what you really want
  • not being able to say no
  • avoiding conflict, or not being able to resolve conflict well
  • being afraid of emotional intensity
  • going along with others, or their plan, when you know better
  • usually putting your physical or emotional needs last
  • apathy, listlessness, depression (all symptoms of suppressed anger)
  • does conflict make you feel nauseous, or panicked?

The Herd teaches us that calm, grounded boundaries exist to PROTECT relationships. To protect our health and energy. To protect right energy, trust, love, freedom of expression, and to create healthy spaces of interaction and intimacy.

Calm, grounded, healthy boundaries do NOT separate us. They make our world bigger, our relationships safer and more loving, our friendships deeper, and our health better!

“I also for a long time put other’s first and repressed my own anger. I now have more experience of expressing anger from a grounded, solid place and experiencing a positive, energizing feeling of honoring my self while being respectful (as best I can) to the others present. New for me to refer to it as the fierce feminine!” – S.F.

WHY are we learning this from horses?? Because as animals who live in herds, wild horses are the perfect embodiment of this calm, centered, boundary setting. They are masters at keeping themselves safe and avoiding damaging conflicts within the herd. Instead, they set their boundaries and resolve conflict using a quality of energetic space-holding that is both powerful, yet calm and non-threatening.

This life-changing, online video workshop will take you on a journey, surrounded by Horse Masters and select human teachers, giving you powerful tools to enable you to live a richer, fuller, more authentic life. Learn how to give yourself permission to BE your whole self. Let the horses show you how to truly inhabit your calm strength and hold your center, amidst the challenges of your daily life.

Join us for this amazing journey into building your self-esteem, manifesting what you really desire from life or relationships, learning how to express your anger in a healthy, empowering way, and how to stand in your strength and integrity.

Most of us are not very good at this! But the horses are masters and they share their wisdom as we walk through a process of reclaiming parts of ourselves – especially our exiled or unhealthy expressions of anger. Building your confidence and self-worth, and working with your energetic body to get bigger. It’s an amazing process and we look forward to sharing it with you!

Human Guides: Jini Patel Thompson, Nataschaa Chatterton, Jenny Andrews, Dr. Juliet Ghodsian
Horse Guides: Jini’s herd of 11 wild and semi-feral horses (and 1 domestic Andalusian)


  • 7 Videos: three hours of deep-dive video instruction
  • 20-page Workbook: empowering and illuminating. View sample pages.
  • 2 Free Bonuses: Tapping Session on Healthy Boundaries, and Prana/Chi Video Tutorial


7-Part Video Workshop + 2 Free Bonuses

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“As the herd moves each other, so it should be with family. What we found is that by being firm yet loving while keeping our boundaries in place, and sometimes realizing that we need to push our boundaries further out, we allow our family to move with better ease also, or it simply keeps their bad behavior from affecting us. We used to let our family push us off the alfalfa pile all the time. That allowed traumatic situations to occur; keeping us held captive by circumstances we thought were out of our circle of control.

Today, we pay attention to where we have placed our feet. If we need to move we do, but we also move others if they try to get into our comfort zone. We are learning where to stand in safety. We can say the word no without worrying about reprisals. This is a very large shift in how we approach life because our ‘no’ comes from substance and knowledge as to who we are. When someone does breach our boundaries, we are able to regain our equilibrium quickly. We don’t have to feel bad that we stepped back into old behavior; we find that we are able to allow for the learning process to take place, and happily as we practice the principles from the Herd, life gets better. Thank you, all of you. It is just what I needed at the right time in my journey in this life.” – C.H., USA

Here’s what you’ll learn in this 7-Part Video Workshop and 20-page illuminating Workbook:

Click to View sample Workbook pages

PART 1 ~ Claiming Your Space

Where in your life, in your physical environment, do you need to claim your space? What kind of parameters (boundaries) do you need to implement around that space? Part 1 begins with a discussion and exploration of these aspects.

PART 2 ~ Different Boundary-Setting Styles

Masterclass from the horses themselves as they demonstrate what the calm, centered strength of the fierce feminine looks and feels like. Watch different horses demo the way they ask for what they want from each other (and get it), using the calm THIS MUST BE energy of the fierce feminine.

Explore your own self-esteem and what you need to give yourself permission to do/be.

PART 3 ~ Healthy Expressions of Anger

Examination of the value of being able to hold the calm, centered strength of the fierce feminine – from a male perspective.

We delve into the different ways of expressing anger and some strategies for safe, healthy expression of anger, along with some creative conflict-resolution strategies.

PART 4 ~ Holding Strong Under Pressure

This is a beautiful teaching/demonstration by Aude, Juno and Montaro of how mum and dad have to hold a very firm boundary, in spite of their son’s continual pressure, asking and pushiness. Perhaps you have a child who’s pushing all your buttons and never takes “No” for an answer?

Perhaps you have a difficult friend or family member in your life who simply does not respect your boundaries; no matter how many times you tell them something? Perhaps that person pushes and pushes you until you either blow up, or give up? This is a profound energetic and physical (action) teaching from the herd of exactly what to do, and how to do it.

PART 5 ~ Firm Boundaries with Patriarchy, Dominance, Authority

The third Masterclass from the horses – demonstrating this Fierce Feminine energy for us, so you can see, feel, receive what this state of calm, respectful, yet rock solid IT IS, or THIS MUST BE space-holding looks like in real life. Watch how Kaliah employs her fierce feminine energy to temporarily give way, or be flexible, or non-confrontational… but at no point does she give her power away or surrender her strength or dignity.

The horses show us that just because someone has a position of power or authority over you, doesn’t mean you have to surrender your strength or autonomy. Or perhaps you live within a patriarchal family, religion, or culture… watch and learn from the horses how to give way for the time being, without surrendering your strength or dignity. Watch Kaliah model what this looks/feels like. The energy and space-holding Kaliah embodies here also shows us HOW to exist in situations of dominance – where we can’t, don’t want to, or aren’t ready to leave – and yet not give our power and dignity away.

PART 6 ~ Understanding Your Anger & It’s Role

Distinguishing between male/female genders, versus masculine/feminine energies or aspects. Examining what parts of your own masculine or feminine you have denied, abandoned, or not explored yet.

Distinguishing between primary versus secondary emotions; what is the primary emotion that sits underneath your anger? See how this can be the gateway to spiritual growth and healing. Have you been using anger as a Protector for your soft spots? Have you, like Ken, been taught/forced to exile your emotions or part of your natural expression?

PART 7 ~ Energetic vs Physical Boundaries

Back to the horses, Zorra gives us a fascinating lesson out in the field on energetic vs. physical boundaries. The way Zorra chooses to teach/share this is really remarkable – with Makah deeply holding space for the transmission. As we return to the barn, Kaliah and Aude have important messages to deliver – on how to expand and anchor what Zorra just taught us.

FREE BONUS #1 – Prana/Chi Tutorial Video (& audio)

Now that you understand the qualities of the fierce feminine, and the benefit to you (and everyone around you) when you can hold that calm, centered place/boundary… you may be wondering, but HOW exactly can I embody that state? How can I shift who I am and how I currently behave/respond into this bigger, stronger version of myself?

Well part of that shift involves awareness, and your body will also have viscerally absorbed the horses’ teaching. In addition, this is where your Bonus Video/Audio comes in! This is a teaching direct from our herd guardian, Montaro. He initially taught me this technique as we would walk together in the field. So you may find it easier to learn/practice this technique standing or walking. See what your body prefers.

“Beautiful teaching! Love this technique, its colors, its flow. I am practicing it regularly. I feel its strength and for now am not pushing out the energetic field very far. Interesting! I love the connection between sky and earth, the continuous flow of energy from high and deep. For me very spiritual as well as very grounding. Thank you Jini; thank you Montaro.” – Suzanne

Depending on your current meditative/energetic fluency, you may need to learn this technique gradually; practicing each piece for several days or weeks, before moving on to add the next piece. It is SO worth it though! This technique, practiced daily, will literally change your existence.

FREE BONUS #2 – Lazer Tapping Session for Healthy Boundaries

Give yourself permission to set healthy boundaries and decrease your people-pleasing tendencies. Feel okay saying, “No” and learn how to guard your energy stores so you don’t get sick, exhausted, or stressed from helping others.

Tap-along with me in this session and shift your feelings and reality to a more positive, empowered state. This Lazer Tapping session uses a combination of tapping on acupressure points, while dialoguing with our beliefs, emotions, patterns, and then also going into the body itself using imagery. Is is an integrated mind/body/spirit healing modality; so healing, shift, release or transformation takes places across all levels of the self.

“This was so great! So much energy moving. Thank you! I plan on doing this recording several times for the next month or so.” – T.L.

Join us and begin your journey to greater empowerment and impact across all areas of your life! Whether you’re struggling with your children, a difficult relationship or work situation, or needing to grow your leadership skills, allow the herd to give you a visceral experience of what calm, grounded strength looks and feels like.

*If you have a coupon code, you’ll be able to enter it at Checkout

100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with this workshop,
simply email us for full refund within 30 days of purchase.