Jini’s Healing Broth Recipes (eBook)

When you’re limited to only consuming certain ingredients and spices, having a homemade stock can make all the difference to the taste in a recipe! The broth recipes in this eBook can be used as a base for the recipes included in my book, Listen to Your Gut. Or, you can just drink these broths on their own!

They are also great with pasta, rice, barley, meat, seafood, and/or vegetables added. You can use them as your base to make stews, sauces, casseroles or stir-frys. Basically, you can get a lot of meal variety from just one broth recipe.

Many of you who have my book The IBD Remission Diet know that I strongly advocate that people drink meat and vegetable broths in between the Absorb Plus shakes on an elemental diet. This is largely due to the amazing health benefits of homemade bone broths. But it also serves to stimulate the appetite: If you just consume sweet tastes all the time, you’ll hit satiety quite quickly and just not be able to face the thought of yet another shake! However, if you alternate sweet and salty tastes, this keeps the appetite stimulated and makes it much easier to consume the number of calories you need each day from the Absorb Plus elemental diet shakes.