A Note About Success Stories: We do not list people's full names or city for privacy reasons – bowel and colon conditions are very personal, and people may be discriminated against (for example at work). These results are for informational purposes only - we're sharing them with you so you can see the potential of these treatment protocols. We are not making guarantees or promises that you will be able to achieve the same level of success we have. We're only trying to help you understand what may be possible if you use Jini’s natural remedies and treatments just as she describes.

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G.T., Canada
I got this ebook [Jini] to become more familiar with the use of DMSO for healing my fistula as recommended on your blog related to healing fistulas naturally. It certainly had lots of information about handling DMSO, administering it and what ingredients I should be using in Formula A. So yes, it was quite helpful even though it wasn't directly addressing the issue of healing a fistula (I got that from your blog).
Whenever I do the Rectal StrictureHeal, I try to listen to the Guided Connection audio as much as possible. Usually, I do Rectal StrictureHeal protocol every day, then the Guided Connection 2-3 times a week.
I bought all the components for Stricture Heal and mixed them and began using them. Then I did more research about DMSO and decided to try just mixing that with Oregano Oil (diluting it with olive oil) and applying it with fingers to my anal fistula. I figured it would penetrate the tissue without the ordeal of using the dropper. The fistula does seem to be closing both by the anus and through to vaginal wall.
P.K. Nevada, USA
I have been anxiously awaiting to share my experience. In the midst of trying this 'miracle concoction' (which is what I've dubbed it)[StrictureHeal] life got incredibly busy and challenging. Let me go back and give a little history...
R.A. New York, USA
Yes, indeed, the eBook guide for intestinal strictures helped a lot thanks to God...
N.B. Canada
I started your topical treatment for intestinal strictures about a month ago and the results have been excellent...
I am in the midst of using your formula and have seen significant results.  I will continue til I am satisfied.  I has helped me a great deal.
A.E. Texas, USA
Jini, I do feel that the book (Jini's Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Anal Stenosis and Stricture) has some great information and plan to start the protocol next week. I also love the meditation I ordered. Very helpful. I've been hating my body parts and realize I need to care for them and nurture them instead. Thanks.  
J.P. Florida, USA
I'm totally amazed with the results (from the StrictureHeal).  It has been about 15 days and my stools are thicker, only go once a day instead of 3 or 4 times. You are an angel. Keep up the good work. I will update you later on.
M.M., New Zealand
I bought your book for my granddaughter. She is 22 and had to stop work while she sorts out bowel strictures. The gastro enterology solution is a colostomy bag at 22. She is very pleased with your information and is following a strict regime diet, regular colonics and detoxes. I am confident that like you, she will triumph.
M.J., Texas, USA
Pain is gone, but realize I have much more healing to do..
I am experiencing remarkable results with the Stricture Heal Protocol...
You are amazing...just the type of person i was looking for...
I have started on Jini's stricture protocol. She said she wanted to hear from us so here goes...
id it every other day and it seems to be working! I can’t believe it! It’s been about three weeks...

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