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R.A., UK
I read your Probiotic report and found it very useful as I am a complete newcomer to all this sort of thing and would have had no clue where to start.

Thanks for coming out with a book [What] that helps to give people more clarity of what to do to get their health back - can't wait to finish it! 

S.M., UK
It (What You Need To Know About Probiotics (eBook)) was really helpful. Many thanks.
The (What You Need To Know About Wild Oregano Oil) book is excellent thanks.................I already used it for a tooth infection with great results.
I enjoyed your very informative report on probiotics. Your reports are always so clear and easy to understand, I always learn so much. I have IBS so really appreciate your work. Thanks so much.
I appreciate what you offer to people for free via UTUBE and online. For disabled people living on a fixed income, it is so helpful.
It (Jini's Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Gut Infection) was a lot of great information.
Carolyn, USA
I love your resources. They are clearly written and offer thoughtful advice.
I really appreciate Jini's video on bathroom techniques. She helps reassure the viewer that impaired function is manageable. Sharing her own experience helps normalize these conditions so one doesn't feel like troubles in the bathroom are a dire pathology. Jini is also very generous with sharing resources.

After reading your ebook, I immediately ordered Natren's Bifdo Factor powder.

After some experimentation, I finally settled on a dosage of two level teaspoonfuls daily and have, surprisingly (to me, at least) noted a marked improvement in my condition. Following a period of adjustment to this probiotic, Natren's Megadolphilus and Digestalac, will certainly follow.. the key was the much larger probiotic dosage than I have taken previously, and, I believe, the Natren's brand.
Your professional advice - from one who has been there - was invaluable!!
Thank you!
Thank you for the information (IBS Quick Start Guide) and your dedication to help others. I believe I came across your information for a reason. Thanks to you I'm feeling a lot better. You have renewed my hope in the ability to regain good health.

Great stuff! Thanks for the useful information about Wild Oregano Oil.(...)I stopped all medications from doctor and started applying Wild Oregano Oil (2 to 3 drops without dilution) regularly 3 to 4 times a day after I read your ebook and now it is getting better.

Thank You! I do not have IBD, INS, or Crohn' s disease, but what I have fought with since age 21 to now 46 years old is chronic painful embarrassing adult cystic acne. Your wild oregano oil especially, antibiotics, diet adjustments in 1 week have helped me more than any drug or cream!
I appreciated your common-sense approach to this (my) problem, and have never seen anything in print to compare with the information and advice contained in the [Jini] ebook. Thanks so much; the information has helped me immensely.

Thank you, Jini. I was so happy to find the information. It has been so helpful. This topic seems almost taboo and you normalize it.
Can't thank you enough!
[Jini] I am so happy that I finally found the treatment program that is totally natural and really works. I actually owned and tried to cure myself with oregano oil and probiotics, but never knew how exactly to do it- the proportions, the order and length of the treatment, and especially the right kind of probiotics. 
S.H., Canada
I've known of and used wild oregano oil for many years but not on a regular,daily basis. I'd use it when my stomach was upset or if feeling "not right".... But now I've been taking it daily and , after watching your great video with your daughter, take it as she demonstrated! (She's following in her mom's footsteps!). Thanks so much for LTYG!
Hi Jini, thank you for the QuickStart guide for healing.
I have learnt so much with your support on the courses you have been sending me on probiotics ,candida,bacterias etc.
Thanks for your interest.  I am engaging your Wild Oregano Oil Protocol with Natren Probiotics for a moderate crohns condition.  After 1 month my flare ups have decreased and are less severe.  I am hoping my progress continues into remission and probiotics only.  Many thanks for offering answers, education and natural alternatives for those of us with IBD. [What]
[Rectal] YOUR BOOKLET I COPIED WAS A GODSEND. My Mom who lives with us and will be 98 in Feb., is the one who suffered this happening to her. Although she was correctly diagnosed they had nothing to much to offer as to how to deal with it other than send us to a surgeon in this field who ruled out surgery because of her age and offered sugar to be sprinkled on it to retrieve it back in.
C.E., France
I am happy with the 2 e-books I have read until now, 
and I have no deep thoughts about the 'Wild origano' one.
The other was 'Contispation&diet' I was happy to read it. I like your style, it is 'fresh' and 'simple'.
I think your writtings about the body and 'the tube' :) (the guts !) is very 'gentle' and 'comprehensive', I love that !
The [Rectal] guide was a great blessing to me, the doctor said that the only remedy was to be operated, but I adopted only two of the guide, that is the right toilet sitting position and eating fiber rich food its exactly one month now and I am totally healed. Thanks. 
Thanks for your guide[Rectal]. It was of great help to me. More so because it was a home remedy and thus a self do thing. Thanks a lot. 
I found the information in the [What] ebook interesting and compelling. It inspired me to try the oregano oil to heal my fistulas. I'm hoping and praying it works!
Really helpful, comprehensive and detailed [Relieving] ebook. Thanks! 
S.C., Australia
Hi, I live in Australia and have a son with intestinal issues, I have found your [What] book helpful and it gives us another perspective on healing, I have purchased some DMSO and hope to convince my son to give it a go, thank you for your help.
Thank you for the [What] book, it was a good read. I have been using oregano, as a daily supplement for a little over a year now,with amazing results. My overall health is at a level that I can not ever remember it being.
I have looked at the [Rectal] Healing guide and am going to go to a Physical therapist after the Holidays. I am working on my diet, and keep changing things. That is what seems to help the most.
I became ill shortly after Christmas this year with a flu that left my stomach and digestive system in ruins, and I decided to look for health  information online. I really didn't want to go to a regular Doctor, I knew what a nightmare of doors that would open. Thankfully, I found your website and, free of charge, was able to get the information I needed to begin slowly healing. [The]
[Jini] Everything seems to be helping.  I definitely feel better, but still not back to 100% vitality.
C.C., Australia
[What] The Wild Oregano Oil is an absolute god-send for mouth ulcers. I had tried so many different things for these that had made no difference at all. The WOO cleared them up really quickly. I also had some infected cuts on my fingers and I used it on them with great results.  
I loved your [Jini] book, very informative.  My husband has Ulcerative Colitis and your book has assisted us in beginning his natural healing process.
I found your [What] book to be excellent! It is easy to read, very informative, and I enjoyed learning about oregano oil. I have been taking your oil of oregano for a few weeks now, and have found it very helpful to me.
I wish I had read it [What] 5 years ago!!!

After my 1st colonoscopy (5 years ago),  it resulted in about 6 days of pain.  Said I'd never do it again.  This past December during intestinal issues, the docs suggesed a colonoscopy and cat-scan to confirm it 'wasn't anything serious'.   Well... the following day I was in a fetal position in terrific pain.    After my own in-depth research, which included your books, I'm confidant it's a long-term overgrowth of candida as there have been so many of symptoms present over that time-frame.
L.G., Canada
I can tell you that just from reading [Jini] a little bit and raising my feet up on a block has assisted elimination greatly! And I know, just by reading your stuff and by following a few simple guidelines, I believe it is already beginning to recede and heal.
I found the information [What] both informative and alarming because of the poor sanitary/sterilization process. Initially I was reluctant about having a colonoscopy and endiscopy procedure done bc I feared losing the good bacteria with the bad. Now there is more to be concerned about. I enjoy reading all your material greatly. I feel they are well written and supported by excellent scholarly journals.
I downloaded and printed the information [Natural] for my Aunt who experienced the condition. She does not use the internet. Of course I read the book and watched your video. I was amazed (at 51 years of age) to learn the proper posture for using the bathroom!! Amazing that I never heard it and it certainly makes a difference! Thank you.
Thank you so much for your anal stenosis video. It is changing my life. If only someone could have figured this out when I was three... but it is never to late. You are brillant and generous to share.
I am delighted to report that your competent suggestion, demonstration and explanation of prolapse [Natural] saved me from procedures or surgery that included an extensive list of "potential" side effects. I am skipping vs fearing stepping to any location including both the bathroom and the bank.
I read your [What] report and found it very informative. After reading it I realized that what my body was lacking was the probiotic. I went out my health food store and picked some up. I have been taking it now for 1 week and have noticed a huge difference in the way I feel. I still am not having daily bowel movements, but I am not experiencing the pains I had before. Thank you for showing concern, I sure appreciate it.
Thank you for the information [Rectal]. I did do several things in there that was helpful. I appreciate you all very much for doing this. Doctors do not even help this much. Your care and concern for others is deeply appreciated.
I found the [IBS] information very helpful. I am still in the process of diagnosis and am starting pancreatic enzymes next week. Your information got me through a very rough time for the past couple of weeks. Thank-you.
I loved the [Candida] interview. I used the lecithin for the constipation and it helped. I will continue to purchase Absorb Plus as it blends well with everything in the smoothie.
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