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We are thrilled and gratified to have received many genuine testimonials from our clients over the years, and we would like to share some with you. If you too would like to take the time to share your story, comments, criticisms, or successes, we are always happy to learn from you so that others may too!

A Note About Success Stories: We do not list people's full names or city for privacy reasons – bowel and colon conditions are very personal, and people may be discriminated against (for example at work). These results are for informational purposes only - we're sharing them with you so you can see the potential of these treatment protocols. We are not making guarantees or promises that you will be able to achieve the same level of success we have. We're only trying to help you understand what may be possible if you use Jini’s natural remedies and treatments just as she describes.

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R.A., UK
I read your Probiotic report and found it very useful as I am a complete newcomer to all this sort of thing and would have had no clue where to start.

Thanks for coming out with a book [What You Need to Know About Probiotics] that helps to give people more clarity of what to do to get their health back - can't wait to finish it! 

S.M., UK
It (What You Need To Know About Probiotics (eBook)) was really helpful. Many thanks.
The (What You Need To Know About Wild Oregano Oil) book is excellent thanks.................I already used it for a tooth infection with great results.
I enjoyed your very informative report on probiotics. Your reports are always so clear and easy to understand, I always learn so much. I have IBS so really appreciate your work. Thanks so much.
I appreciate what you offer to people for free via UTUBE and online. For disabled people living on a fixed income, it is so helpful.
It (Jini's Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Gut Infection) was a lot of great information.
Carolyn, USA
I love your resources. They are clearly written and offer thoughtful advice.
I really appreciate Jini's video on bathroom techniques. She helps reassure the viewer that impaired function is manageable. Sharing her own experience helps normalize these conditions so one doesn't feel like troubles in the bathroom are a dire pathology. Jini is also very generous with sharing resources.
[What You Need To Know About Probiotics eBook]:

After reading your ebook, I immediately ordered Natren's Bifdo Factor powder.

After some experimentation, I finally settled on a dosage of two level teaspoonfuls daily and have, surprisingly (to me, at least) noted a marked improvement in my condition. Following a period of adjustment to this probiotic, Natren's Megadolphilus and Digestalac, will certainly follow.. the key was the much larger probiotic dosage than I have taken previously, and, I believe, the Natren's brand.
Your professional advice - from one who has been there - was invaluable!!
Thank you!
Thank you for the information (IBS Quick Start Guide) and your dedication to help others. I believe I came across your information for a reason. Thanks to you I'm feeling a lot better. You have renewed my hope in the ability to regain good health.

Great stuff! Thanks for the useful information about Wild Oregano Oil.(...)I stopped all medications from doctor and started applying Wild Oregano Oil (2 to 3 drops without dilution) regularly 3 to 4 times a day after I read your ebook and now it is getting better.

Thank You! I do not have IBD, INS, or Crohn' s disease, but what I have fought with since age 21 to now 46 years old is chronic painful embarrassing adult cystic acne. Your wild oregano oil especially, antibiotics, diet adjustments in 1 week have helped me more than any drug or cream!
I appreciated your common-sense approach to this (my) problem, and have never seen anything in print to compare with the information and advice contained in the [Jini Home Remedies for Rectal Prolapse] ebook. Thanks so much; the information has helped me immensely.
[Jini Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Rectal Spasm]:

Thank you, Jini. I was so happy to find the information. It has been so helpful. This topic seems almost taboo and you normalize it.
Can't thank you enough!
[Jini Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Gut Infection] I am so happy that I finally found the treatment program that is totally natural and really works. I actually owned and tried to cure myself with oregano oil and probiotics, but never knew how exactly to do it- the proportions, the order and length of the treatment, and especially the right kind of probiotics. 
S.H., Canada
I've known of and used wild oregano oil for many years but not on a regular,daily basis. I'd use it when my stomach was upset or if feeling "not right".... But now I've been taking it daily and , after watching your great video with your daughter, take it as she demonstrated! (She's following in her mom's footsteps!). Thanks so much for LTYG!
Hi Jini, thank you for the QuickStart guide for healing.
I have learnt so much with your support on the courses you have been sending me on probiotics ,candida,bacterias etc.
Thanks for your interest.  I am engaging your Wild Oregano Oil Protocol with Natren Probiotics for a moderate crohns condition.  After 1 month my flare ups have decreased and are less severe.  I am hoping my progress continues into remission and probiotics only.  Many thanks for offering answers, education and natural alternatives for those of us with IBD. [What You Need to Know About Probiotics]
[Rectal Prolapse Healing Guide] YOUR BOOKLET I COPIED WAS A GODSEND. My Mom who lives with us and will be 98 in Feb., is the one who suffered this happening to her. Although she was correctly diagnosed they had nothing to much to offer as to how to deal with it other than send us to a surgeon in this field who ruled out surgery because of her age and offered sugar to be sprinkled on it to retrieve it back in.
C.E., France
I am happy with the 2 e-books I have read until now, 
and I have no deep thoughts about the 'Wild origano' one.
The other was 'Contispation&diet' I was happy to read it. I like your style, it is 'fresh' and 'simple'.
I think your writtings about the body and 'the tube' :) (the guts !) is very 'gentle' and 'comprehensive', I love that !
The [Rectal Prolapse Healing] guide was a great blessing to me, the doctor said that the only remedy was to be operated, but I adopted only two of the guide, that is the right toilet sitting position and eating fiber rich food its exactly one month now and I am totally healed. Thanks. 
Thanks for your guide[Rectal Prolapse Healing Guide]. It was of great help to me. More so because it was a home remedy and thus a self do thing. Thanks a lot. 
I found the information in the [What You Need To Know About Wild Oregano Oil] ebook interesting and compelling. It inspired me to try the oregano oil to heal my fistulas. I'm hoping and praying it works!
Really helpful, comprehensive and detailed [Relieving Constipation Through Diet] ebook. Thanks! 
S.C., Australia
Hi, I live in Australia and have a son with intestinal issues, I have found your [What You Need To Know About Colonoscopy] book helpful and it gives us another perspective on healing, I have purchased some DMSO and hope to convince my son to give it a go, thank you for your help.
Thank you for the [What You Need To Know About Wild Oregano Oil] book, it was a good read. I have been using oregano, as a daily supplement for a little over a year now,with amazing results. My overall health is at a level that I can not ever remember it being.
I have looked at the [Rectal Prolapse] Healing guide and am going to go to a Physical therapist after the Holidays. I am working on my diet, and keep changing things. That is what seems to help the most.
I became ill shortly after Christmas this year with a flu that left my stomach and digestive system in ruins, and I decided to look for health  information online. I really didn't want to go to a regular Doctor, I knew what a nightmare of doors that would open. Thankfully, I found your website and, free of charge, was able to get the information I needed to begin slowly healing. [The IBD Remission Diet Quick Start Guide]
[Jini Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Gut Infection (eBook)] Everything seems to be helping.  I definitely feel better, but still not back to 100% vitality.
C.C., Australia
[What You Need To Know About Wild Oregano Oil] The Wild Oregano Oil is an absolute god-send for mouth ulcers. I had tried so many different things for these that had made no difference at all. The WOO cleared them up really quickly. I also had some infected cuts on my fingers and I used it on them with great results.  
I loved your [Jini Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Gut Infection] book, very informative.  My husband has Ulcerative Colitis and your book has assisted us in beginning his natural healing process.
I found your [What You Need to Know About Wild Oregano Oil] book to be excellent! It is easy to read, very informative, and I enjoyed learning about oregano oil. I have been taking your oil of oregano for a few weeks now, and have found it very helpful to me.
I wish I had read it [What You Need to Know About Colonoscopy] 5 years ago!!!

After my 1st colonoscopy (5 years ago),  it resulted in about 6 days of pain.  Said I'd never do it again.  This past December during intestinal issues, the docs suggesed a colonoscopy and cat-scan to confirm it 'wasn't anything serious'.   Well... the following day I was in a fetal position in terrific pain.    After my own in-depth research, which included your books, I'm confidant it's a long-term overgrowth of candida as there have been so many of symptoms present over that time-frame.
L.G., Canada
I can tell you that just from reading [Jini Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Rectal Prolapse] a little bit and raising my feet up on a block has assisted elimination greatly! And I know, just by reading your stuff and by following a few simple guidelines, I believe it is already beginning to recede and heal.
I found the information [What You Need to Know About Probiotics] both informative and alarming because of the poor sanitary/sterilization process. Initially I was reluctant about having a colonoscopy and endiscopy procedure done bc I feared losing the good bacteria with the bad. Now there is more to be concerned about. I enjoy reading all your material greatly. I feel they are well written and supported by excellent scholarly journals.
I downloaded and printed the information [Natural Treatments for Rectal Prolapse] for my Aunt who experienced the condition. She does not use the internet. Of course I read the book and watched your video. I was amazed (at 51 years of age) to learn the proper posture for using the bathroom!! Amazing that I never heard it and it certainly makes a difference! Thank you.
Thank you so much for your anal stenosis video. It is changing my life. If only someone could have figured this out when I was three... but it is never to late. You are brillant and generous to share.
I am delighted to report that your competent suggestion, demonstration and explanation of prolapse [Natural Treatments for Rectal Prolapse eBook] saved me from procedures or surgery that included an extensive list of "potential" side effects. I am skipping vs fearing stepping to any location including both the bathroom and the bank.
I read your [What You Need to Know About Probiotics] report and found it very informative. After reading it I realized that what my body was lacking was the probiotic. I went out my health food store and picked some up. I have been taking it now for 1 week and have noticed a huge difference in the way I feel. I still am not having daily bowel movements, but I am not experiencing the pains I had before. Thank you for showing concern, I sure appreciate it.
Thank you for the information [Rectal Prolapse Healing Guide]. I did do several things in there that was helpful. I appreciate you all very much for doing this. Doctors do not even help this much. Your care and concern for others is deeply appreciated.
I found the [IBS Quick Start Guide] information very helpful. I am still in the process of diagnosis and am starting pancreatic enzymes next week. Your information got me through a very rough time for the past couple of weeks. Thank-you.
I loved the [Candida and Detox Teleseminar] interview. I used the lecithin for the constipation and it helped. I will continue to purchase Absorb Plus as it blends well with everything in the smoothie.
Thank you so much for the [Crohn's] quick start guide. It has given me so much hope for my chrons disease. I hope to start on the full programme when personal resources allow for this.
I would like to thank you, and I hadn't even remembered to read the book[Rectal Prolapse Healing Guide]; although I have now. I watched the video on youtube, and my husband built us a step within 24 hours.
J.B., Ireland
Your [Rectal Spasm] book is amazing. I have delayed writing as so traumatized by my encounter with pelvic spasm have been sort of shutting it out.
E.H., South Africa
Thank you for the info on diverticulitis. It is most helpful. My husband was diagnosed and I had to get myself informed to be able to assist him.
The information [What You Need To Know About Wild Oregano Oil eBook] was beyond helpful. My grown daughter has developed diverticulosis and several rounds of double antibiotics have been very discouraging for her. She is trying the Oregano Oil and it seems to be helping.
After going through your e-book I started using western commode (with sitting position and avoiding prolonged sitting time), although I had no liking for it (I do have a western commode), instead of the Indian style since my birth (I am 64 yrs). As I had moved out of my place /residence for more than a month I had compulsion of using the western commode. I did not feel any prolapse and have attained normalcy.
K.M., Canada
I only did a fast read of the [What You Need to Know About Colonoscopy] eBook, but was happy to be made aware of the risks of infection from colonoscopy. I appreciated your instruction video on colon massage, as well.
Thanks for all the very helpful information you are providing us.

I was very interested to hear your thoughts on colonoscopy as my specialist wanted me to have one due to my blood test showing I am anaemic.
R.C., Australia
Your [Jini's Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Hemorrhoids] ebook was excellent.

Well done, Jeni. And the best part of the book was that the protocol
worked wonders.

Thank you.
Thank you for the prolapse guide, as well as the 7 Modules for Healing Gut
Issues. I feel grateful for the information and the extensive research
that you have done, and then used for yourself and your own healing. This
helps me trust your information more--it's not just theory or hypothesis,
but actual, helpful, useful tips, products and ideas, proven to work.
I am very grateful to you for your rectal prolapse guide. I am short and
heavy set. All my life until the last couple of years I had loose soft
stools. Then I started to be constipated quite a bit. You know what
followed then - the prolapses.
Thanks for the report. I liked the [What You Need To Know About Probiotics] report, been following nutrition probi's etc for a long time. I'm now using the Trinity on your recommendation...
I have found your book, NATURAL TREATMENTS FOR GUT INFECTION very helpful, even though I am on my own regarding enema dosage due to my 19 inch large colon. I had a subcolectome a couple of years ago. 
[HemorrHeal] Well let me first say I’m not EXACTLY sure all that I have going on, but I knew I had a hemorrhoid bc the ER doctor told me when I was in there after a bout of antibiotic induced pain medicine worsened Colitis and back up (bad gum infection/extraction and bone graft). I actually have Crohn’s –mostly in remission because of your protocols and bowel rest diet, thanks to your first book I got in 2001 plus NAET.
T.M., Estonia
Thank you very much for the [Jini's Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Rectal Prolapse] e-book and videos, you have really done a tremendous work!.

I did get answers to questions that have bothered me for many years. Now I know that my gut- feeling about my condition was right.
I found your [Jini's Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Rectal Prolapse] guide very helpful. Since I am in chemo and have Crohn's, I cannot have surgery. So any help was welcome, and yours was one of the best I found online. Thank you.
W.V., South Africa
Thank you for interest, I appreciate it, also the excellent service I get from you and your staff specially Cris B from customer care. Living in South Africa, excellent service is limited.
L.B., Croatia
I've read the guide and I was very satisfied with the informations [Jini's Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Rectal Prolapse] I got. First what I need to point out is that I am suffering of rectocele (got it after giving birth to my son, 4 months ago) and not rectal prolapse. 
I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am for your research in health. The oil of oregano book has been absolutely incredible for me, and especially in helping others I know heal the pain they have been suffering with for so long.
Yes I've read the [Diverticulitis Report] and am very grateful for the information.   I had no idea I was sick and wasn't really symptomatic I just woke up in extreme pain one day and my life has changed completely.   The doctors were helpful but it was jini's method and information that has helped me begin to heal. 
Hello there Ms Jini, how to start, for the past few years I have problems with my health, nothing a doctor would recognize but over all according to tcm is chronic spleen deficiency qi, few month ago the whole in the bathroom I experience a rectal prolapse, I even more anxious after the event, on top of all the depression and uneasy feeling I was now loosing my physical integrity, your recommendation on the book where life saving, my 15 minutes on the bathroom have become 5 (and that's including the wipe and hand wash) I'm still a long way to rebalance my qi but I'm on the rigth track.
In less words, your [Jini's Healing Guide: Natural Treatments For Rectal Prolapse] book was very helpful
I thank you very much
I want to write to you with my feedback because I cannot say how much you have helped me. I followed everything you suggested in your [Jini's Healing Guide: Natural Treatments For Rectal Prolapse] ebook, (including the squatty potty). and am now feeling I have the situation very much more under control.
I want to tell you how amazing your [Jini's Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Hemorrhoids] book and remedy has been for me. I have suffered for 25 years with hemorrhoids (and what appear to be fissures or something)  following the birth of my daughter that have only gotten worse with IBS symptoms (Hashimotos Disease). I felt I was in a desperate situation when I found your site. I ordered the kit immediately and I have experienced at least 80% healing in the month I have used it (with a week off after the first 10 days). 
Dear Jini, I was on Oregano oil for a few months and i even made an ointment out of it for my hemorrhoids. After about a month is was completely healed from two hemorrhoid surgeries that were very painful and lasted over a period of almost two months. I also rescue critically ill kittens from the local shelter and i got two with Clostridium Difficile in which although i was so careful manage to get it from them. It was quite a surprise. The oil of oregano was very helpful and also something that i enjoyed taking as a supplement. If you need further assistance in this, please do not hesitate to let me know.
Z.K., Europe
Hello jini,thank you so much for your concern the [Jini's Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Rectal Prolapse] book has real helped me and the feedback is that am doing well and am no longer sick. I am careful by taking the food proposed and alot of water.
I have read the [What You Need To Know About Wild Oregano Oil] ebook.  Thank you for making it available!  My husband has suffered from canker sores for years.  They usually last a couple of weeks and are very painful. 
This Healing Guide to Rectal Spasm has proven invaluable to me.  The epsom soak sitz baths have helped me to reduce my spasm.  After just one soak after being on the Elemental Died and countless amounts of washes, without Epsom, and craniosacral therapy my spasm miraculously went away.  These were the attempts to heal a fissure, fistuala and a seemingly rectal spasm which the rectal spasm healing was perhaps a third layer that seemed to be healed by doing the aforementioned protocols first.
The section on different positions on the toilet bow by lifting the body up and then the knees higher than the hips by using a stool has helped so much with all the flatulence. 
Thank you for your LTYG website!
R.H., UK
I’ve been aware of your work for years, but didn’t realise how spot-on you are until I read this [Jini's Healing Guide: Natural Treatments For Gut Infection] ebook.
Excellent! I’ve adapted for my own use.
I love your Healing Guide to Pelvic Pain,  I've been using the protocol of a 50/50 solution of magnesium citrate and water  2 tbs over the torso and hips and that helps to improve circulation.  Then the 30 minutes of castor oil on the tailbone area of the start to the rectal pain, with a hot pad underneath, for 3 days a week until symptoms improve.  This has proven invaluable.
These are great tips that I will be using time and time again for an old coccydynia-type injury.
Thank you so much
I love your Healing Guide to Pelvic Pain,  I've been using the protocol of a 50/50 solution of magnesium citrate and water  2 tbs over the torso and hips and that helps to improve circulation. 
I found your [Jini's Healing Guide: Natural Treatments For Gut Infection] book interesting. I am refreshed to see that you are not pushing sale of products, which so many other Healing Guides are based on. I have diverticulitis, which perforated, slightly healed, then flared up with a 5cm abscess.
I love it [Healing Meditation - Customizable]...very healing....my belly is so stressed .....!
Hello: Thank you very much for the [The Diverticulitis Diet] guide; I have read it and printed it out. I found it very helpful and have made a lot of the dietary changes she recommended (including making the chicken broth). 
A.M., India
Hi jini,Yes i loved it [What You Need To Know About Wild Oregano Oil]. Have been taking a couple of drops mixed in water everyday to avoid colds and flu. Thanks a lot for all the wonderful info.
Your [Crohn's] quick start guide was helpful. After reading that I bought LTYG book and am in the process of reading it to help my daughter manage the flare up. Thanks for your weekly articles. I am finding all the information very useful.
J.K., Germany
Yes, I did receive and read your IBS Quick Start Guide and found it very informative and useful. Indeed I have begun the Wild Oregano Oil protocol and have just purchased from your shop the probiotics to begin soon as well. I've had IBS for about 20 years, although I wasn't sure it was that until probably just a few years ago. I did all the traditional medicine exams, lots of alternative approaches to diet and lots of body work, but yet to encounter anything that has really made my condition improve. I am hoping your IBS protocol will be the trigger. I will let you know. Thank you for your research and work.
Thank you for sharing it [What You Need To Know About Probiotics].  I found the first section most helpful.  Learning to introduce one species at a time, and the specific order to start them is very valuable information. 
The probiotic report was reinforcing and insightful.  I buy into the benefits of probiotic, but have never achieved the acclaimed benefits myself, until switching to Healthy Trinity.  The effects were almost immediate.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge, as it has been a great benefit to me.  
I've been suffering from a recto-vaginal fistula (located in the upper left corner of my vagina) now for more than 20 years. It was only discovered in the past few years, and I've endured multiple surgeries to try and correct it. Although well meaning, these surgeons have NO idea how to correct this problem. Five surgeries later, the fistula remains.
I came across an article on the benefits of wild oregano oil used to treat gynecological issues. That got me searching the internet to see if there was a protocol for fistula treatment with this amazing oil. And, I was lucky enough to come across your website. 
I thought your [What You Need To Know About Probiotics] report was excellent and quite comprehensive.  My son has developed an autoimmune disease (ITP) and I am looking in to all types of ways to get his body healthy again. I believe the gut health is a key place to start. This was very helpful.
Dear Jini, thank you so much for all the info I received from you. I found many of your methods & remedies to be so much more reasonable than traditional options out there. I tried many and am still using them as I feel they helped strengthen and heal me. I sought the help of a wonderful physical therapist who helped me with my pelvic floor issues. I'm so glad I found your site. Thanks again.
J.W., Canada
Thank you so much for your rectal prolapse healing guide as well as all the other information you pass on regarding having a healthy gut.  Your information is clear and practical.  I am having some success by following your suggestions and I feel confident that I can avoid surgery.  Thank You.
M.E., New York, USA
I am currently reading the book which I find very helpful. I ordered the george's always aloe and the natren probiotics. I'm on my last week of steroids, which is not the route I like to take. I have been on a strict diet with no gluten, pasta sauce, diary and nothing fried unless in coconut oil. I really believe the natural way will and has made improvement. I did order absorb plus shakes twice but it's a bit pricey for me as a single parent especially when my food alone is expensive. I'm also learning how to relax, meditate more the lords word and take deep breaths to help myself. Truly I am enjoying the book and excited about learning through this process of healing my gut. Thank you. 
Thank u so much, I applied the method and thank God am totally healed of rectal prolapse, may God continue to give you wisdom to aid other people. 
B.V., Australia
I've just had a look through and I think the [Diverticulitis Diet] report was absolutely fantastic! Jini has done an amazing job and I love that she recommends so many great natural options.
Thank you so much for this, Im going to print it off and have another look through it :)
The oregano info you sent awhile back to me was good.  It said what I
already knew first-hand to be true.  I have been using oil of oregano for
everything.  It started years ago when I developed an acute case of
bronchitis (diagnosed by the doctor).  The doctor wanted to put me on
antibiotics due to my age so that it would not progress and become
pneumonia.  I knew that bronchitis was viral so I after researching, I
settled on trying North American Herb&Spice Oil of Oregano.  It wiped out
the immediate symptoms of bronchitis in less than a week.  The cough that
lingered was gone in less than two weeks.  I became a believer in using oil
of oregano and have used it internally and topically ever since. I have
tried the many of the other oregano products by the same company and found
them credible as well.
D. L. Singapore
I just want to thank you for your wisdom and generosity in sharing this technique (Jini's Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Rectal Prolapse) .  As a matter of fact I have complete retraction and am more than satisfied.  I did send you a message very soon after I tried your method, but apparently you did not receive it as I am not very tech savvy.  I also want to thank God for sending me an angel in you in helping many of those who are suffering from rectal prolapse.  May God continue to bless you as you help others.
Between my wife and I, we have purchased at least 5 of your ebooks and they are full of great and useful information.  Thank you very much.
S.M. Montana, USA
I always learn so much from your newslettter, both the article and the comments. Unfortunately, when I have an obstruction or some other immediate problem, I just can not remember all the helpful tthings that I have learned. Fortunately, you have youe e-books which I have been able to dowload and refer to immediately and you archived blogs. The info on Clear Passage has been so helpful of late. I discussed it with my PT and have been doing my own cross fiber massage, which has relieved my recent blockages. Doing it in the bath has been super-effective for me.
I found all your info (Rectal Prolapse Healing Guide ebook) very helpful!  I did order a "squatty potty" 
and it does seem to help.  Thank you for this site - I will refer to it 
whenever I feel I need to refresh some information.
K.N. Canada
I would like to take this opportunity and say thank you for all the information that you send. 
I did read the (What You Need To Know About Probiotics) e-book and found the information very good. I am looking for info for myself and my condition is ulcerative colitis, but more so for my daughter that is 6 and half years old and is only 45 lbs.  I have bought a few probiotics and they flush her system through. Not sure what my next step will be but I know she needs something to help her. I believe a probiotic would help her ..I know you have a baby probiotic that you sell but not sure what to go to next ....
I will keep reading. I have bought your books and love the information that I am learning.
J.W. England
Thanks for the download Rectal Prolapse Healing Guide. This is how it helped me:
One, and mainly, it was so encouraging to know that lots of people have this problem.
Two, it was good to know that there are things you can do to improve matters.
My situation is this: I had a much-too-deep episiotomy in 1970. I was incontinent 2 days afterwards, but then things settled down except for the odd incident, until I needed a hysterectomy and some other related stuff around 1995. Then it all came back, egged on by a period of stress.
For years I’ve been to doctors & hospitals, who never seemed to get to the bottom of it (no pun intended!), but finally the colorectal surgeon ordered 2 very detailed tests. One of them, an elaborate barium enema-type thing, was videoed, and I actually saw the rectum collapsing on screen, as it happened. The nurse said it was a classic and she would use it in training her students.
As a result the doctor offered me a vental mesh rectopexy, which is scheduled for next month. I would prefer not to have it, due to the possible side-effects, but I think it’s my best option.
Thanks for your interest, and your website. It really helped me emotionally. I’ll let you know how I get on with the op.
I was so grateful to find the information by Jini. At the time of my search I had been diagnosed with diverticulitis for the second time. The first time was about 4 years ago. I was frustrated and becoming afraid because I was having difficulty finding information for the treatment that was consistent with my eating practices. I am diabetic and have been successfully treating that disease with diet and exercise but I had no idea what to do about this condition. My doctor had me on penicillin and an anti parasitic but was unable to help me with how to eat. Jini's book was extremely helpful and I followed a lot of her advice. (Bone broth, probiotics, L glutamine, etc)
I am now working with a personal nutritionalist and rebuilding intestinal lining and slowly working my way back to eating a normal diet.
Thank you for being there when I felt alone. 
Yeah thank you so much for the (Rectal Prolapse Healing Guide) e-book, it was very helpful. Though it was a bit scary but helpful all the same. It opened my eyes to the real thing am actually going through and now all doubts are cleared! Thanks Alot! 
All of Jini Patel reports have been extremely useful and important for me and my family. I have used this information to help heal my own gut. I am feeling so much better. My quality of life has improved significantly. Now I am going to help my family members. I never knew so much about probiotics. I certainly didn't realize that they could actually make my symptoms worst. Thank you so much for being willing to share and help save lives.
J.H. Australia
I'm very happy to, both to let you know how much I appreciate your work and to give you feedback as to what
I've tried and found works for me. I should also let you know that as I've
felt rather let down by the medical profession in terms of sharing with me
what is actually going on in my body and providing adequate information so
that I can manage my own health, most of what I have learned has been from
my own research and experimenting with different treatments and observing
my body's response. You provide a huge amount of valuable information that
I could not have done without. Thank you!
You provide loads of advice, some of which I did not hear of anywhere else
and have been most grateful for the opportunity to learn. Many more of your
suggestions, I'm yet to try. Financial difficulties mean I can't buy every
product on the market at once and it's hard also to find time to do
everything right to heal myself, but bit by bit I add more methods to my
self treatment plan.
Once again, I offer you my gratitude for all I've learned from you and I
encourage you to keep up the enquiry into new methods which I will always
be glad to hear about and give feedback on when I try them.
R.V. Canada
I've used Oil of Oregano for quite a while now.  I started years ago when I
felt a bladder infection coming on, and I didn't have time to make an
appointment with the doctor to get an antibiotic.  The Health food store
recommended Oil of Oregano.  I put 3 drops under my tongue (no taste buds
there!)--it still tastes horrible!  but 2x per day, and it was gone!  Since
then, I use it as soon as I feel a cold or sore throat coming on, and
usually stop it in it's tracks.  I've told many people about this--I should
get a commission!  I was interested in your (What You Need To Know About Wild 
Oregano Oil) ebook because I wanted to know more about O of O.Thanks so much.
I usually buy the pre-diluted o of o. That is quite strong, and I don't want 
to burn myself with the oregano essential oil.
Thank you so much for your site!  I absolutely loved the information that was shared on the Candida Seminar.
I believe that I have finally been given me the information to get on the right path to heal my gut and kill the overgrowth of  Candida yeast that I have been fighting with for the last 5 years.
I can finally see hope on the horizon and I'm very excited and looking forward to feeling like myself again.
Thank you for sending that (What You Need to Know About Wild Oil of Oreagono eBook) 
to me. Wild Oregano Oil is quite interesting.
I have also read your book Listen to Your Gut. I have  personally been
taking Wild Oregano Oil for several months now. I started taking low doses.
I am now up to atleast 30 drops a day but not in one sitting. I take
atleast ten drops three times a day to equal the 30 drops. I have Crohn's
Disease and fistulas. I was diagnosed with Crohn's at twenty-one.  It has
been miserable at times and hard being a young person with issues. But the
wild oregano oil is doing something. I also take Absorb Plus once a day
around three scoops. I am on the Natren B. Infantis probiotic. I tried the
Bifido but don't think my body is ready for that yet. Thank you so much for
your information. You have touched so many people's lives. You used your
pain and suffering to accomplish good. I hope I can help someone one day.
Perhaps I will even co-author a book as well. I struggle with diet. My
taste buds love sugar and starch but my body does not like it. I got to try
to stay away from it. I also need to work on emotional issues. My disease
is partly emotional. Growing up, I had to walk on eggshells at times which
was stressful. Hopefully I can get these fistulas gone too. They don't want
to go. Haha! I wish I could talk to you about it, but I know with natural
stuff some people are quick to judge you. So you may not be able to talk to
I am blessed to have a part time job. It's good being healthy enough to
work again. Thank you for your part in this.
God bless you!
J.H. Alabama, USA
I am very grateful for your testimony and all the proven remedies for the many people with these gut problems. I have learned so much from the (Jini's Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Gut Infection) e-book and your total website. Since the diagnosis of proctitis was found 2 years ago in my body, I'd done my own self healing with various homeopathic remedies.  I better understand the importance of probiotics being the key and also  the wild oregano oil! I'm following closely the recommendations, listening to my body and also eating a lot cleaner.  I and my husband both feel so much better, lots more energy and we are very excited and looking forward to more balance in our health journey.  Thank you and your team of compassionate folks for helping us all out here!!!
R.H. India
It was somewhat beneficial. I am still following the diet and am not fully
healed but is better than my previous case where doctor recommended surgery
but I didn't wanted that. So I am currently following your advice in the
(Rectal Prolapse Healing Guide) book.
Thanks for the ebook.
S.F. California, USA
I read the (What You Need To Know About Colonoscopies) report and I find it very useful. Wish now I would have had it
handy two years back when I had a colonoscopy done.
H.A. Washington, USA
An eye opening book (What You Need To Know About Colonoscopies ebook) for sure.  I have had a bad experience with a colonoscopy and this book really explained a lot.
Thank you for the time it must have taken to write your book and most of all thank you for sharing it so graciously. I think your book (What You Need To Know About Colonoscopies) was well researched and surprisingly informative. I have always questioned how colonoscopy equipment could be sterilized to be completely sterile. Thanks for answering that question for me. Also, I am a believer in your massage technique . . . It works!  Again, thank you.
D.F. Connecticut, USA
My daughter suffers from time to time so it was very nice to find your (Rectal Prolapse Healing) guide. We used a lot of the methods and they did help. She is all better now. Thank you so much.
J.S. Wisconsin, USA
Your books were exactly what I was missing. I struggle with sticking to protocols with family and work as you speak of in books.  I have seen results with all of it.  I keep re reading to make sure I’m following as close as I can.  I have Crohns that hit me in 1983 had surgery in 1991 that removed about 3ft of small bowel with ileostomy for 6months before take down.  My issues are short gut which involve controlling diarrhea. I have been ordering all of the products via your website. I plan on cycling the elemental diet every 3 months and then partial elemental diet in-between.  I think the biggest change was with the Oil of Oregano!  Wow did that make a difference when I did that protocol.  Mostly good since I must have a bunch of bad bacteria because my guts went quiet!  No bloating, gas, rumbling….my skin changed and I have some dry rash on my eye lids.  I went thru my house and got rid of all my SLS products and trying to eat better quality food.  My bum got really sore and haven’t figured out how to get it healed all the way.  I am using comfrey….I control my diarrhea by making pills that contain bentonite clay, apple fruit pectin, flax seed, psyllium see, slippery elm bark, marshmallow root, billberry fruit powder, peppermint leaf powder, & activated charcoal powder.  I have been taking these for about 10 years and I think it helped get rid of crohns in my large colon.  I had a colonoscopy in 2010(which I will not have any more of because of your book)the DR asked what I was doing because there was no crohns in large colon.  I told him I was making my own pills and of course he asked what was in them and I said I can’t share that information because it’s not an FDA approved medicine!!;) He recommended I start mercaptopurine, I said no thank you! Thank you for your work.
D.B. New Zealand
Hi there Jini I did watch your movie (Healing Journey Movie), very informative, I am very grateful for the time and effort you have put into all of this wonderful info for all of us people with sick tummies. thank you.
D.L. New Hampshire, USA
I enjoyed all the valuable information from your report (What You Need To Know About Probiotics eBook)! Just following some of the recommendations have made a huge difference in my pain and inflammation in just a short time. 
C.B. New Zealand
Very good information (in What You Need To Know About Colonoscopies) thank you. Very useful.
B.G. Florida, USA
Yes I read the info (in What You Need To Know About Colonoscopies) you sent me and it was very informative. 
I learned a lot, that is why I am using your product to get my immune system back.
G.M. Ontario, Canada
I had a chance to go through this ebook (Jini's Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Gut Infection), and I already started using Wild Oregano Oil and Probiotic Retention Enema protocol. After sixteen years of this issue with up and downs, I feel so much better than before and less pain.
Since I have Fissure, Fistula (Recto and Perianal) Hemorrhoid, I also use Fissureheal and Fistula Formula B my Chronic Rectovaginal fistula. I can feel so much improvement after two weeks of using these.
After using the Castor oil massage with hot water bottle, I can feel that it is healing. Thank so much again for your care and god bless you.
S.T. Australia
I found all of them (ebooks) helped me understand my gut as an 80 year old.  All doctors just want to fill you full of pills.  I am using the oregano oil and the veggie smoothies every morning and a fruit one at night helped a lot. Once again thanks for what you have done for me.

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