Jini Patel Thompson welcomes feedback from customers about how they are using natural remedies and treatments for their gastrointestinal and other conditions, including what they thought of her book(s), which therapies and/or supplements were particularly helpful, and anything that she can share with others who may be dealing with a similar issue like a colon or bowel syndrome.

We are thrilled and gratified to have received many genuine testimonials from our clients over the years, and we would like to share some with you. If you too would like to take the time to share your story, comments, criticisms, or successes, we are always happy to learn from you so that others may too!

A Note About Success Stories: We do not list people's full names or city for privacy reasons – bowel and colon conditions are very personal, and people may be discriminated against (for example at work). These results are for informational purposes only - we're sharing them with you so you can see the potential of these treatment protocols. We are not making guarantees or promises that you will be able to achieve the same level of success we have. We're only trying to help you understand what may be possible if you use Jini’s natural remedies and treatments just as she describes.

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The IBD Remission Diet
C.L., Idaho, USA
After one week I felt so much stronger and more impressively my diarrhea ended! I had ONE bowel movement in the morning and I began living my life again.  I felt great!...
A.R., New Jersey, USA
It has been a few months now, and our daughter is thriving. People can’t believe the change in her. Family, friends, and neighbors, all ask what changed. A few months ago our daughter was a pale, exhausted wisp of a girl, and now she can outrun the fastest children in the neighborhood...
K.K.C., Cambridge, UK
Having searched the Web for information for treatment, I came across Jini Patel Thompson's book, the IBD Remission Diet, which I bought. As a result, she gained 2 kg (4.5 lbs) in 5 days since she started and her doctor is pleased with her progress and decided to reduce her steroid intake to a much less aggressive dosage....
P.M., New Jersey
I had read Jini's book "The IBD Remission Diet" I spoke with my Doctor about drinking Absorb Plus instead of steroids, and he was all for it. It was amazing. During the 2 weeks on Absorb Plus, I barely lost any weight (I usually start losing weight right away when I am having a flare), my energy
level stayed consistent and I actually kept up my exercise program...
C.D., Pennsylvania, USA
My son was diagnosed with Crohn's last summer - at 14 years old he weighed only 75 lbs. He was started on high doses of steroids, along with Pentasa...
D.F., Georgia, USA
I went on the shakes for about a month, and during the course of the month, felt my symptoms vanish...
Y.W., B.C. Canada
I found the excerpts from Jini's books online and I immediately went out and bought the books. What she said made so much sense...
K.M., Arizona, USA
I am back to 170 lbs. This is the closest I have been to my high school weight since my diagnosis!...
B.R., Los Angeles, USA
I battled Crohn's disease for 2 years. During that time I was hospitalized six times, lost 30 pounds, and became a shadow of who I had been...
H.W., Middlesex, UK
I have more energy now and my doctor as well as friends have commented that I have a lot more colour in my face...
B.W., B.C. Canada
After reading Ms. Patel-Thompson's books and experimenting, I have experienced good success using Absorb Plus as a complete food replacement and as an alternative to fasting to give my intestine a rest while still feeding myself...
S.L., Colorado, USA
I can't thank you enough... my cholesterol dropped from 210 to 139, my triglyceride numbers from over 200 to 80 and I got my blood pressure under control...
Y.V., B.C., Canada
Through divine intervention I was introduced to Ms. Patel Thompson's book and Absorb Plus! My life changed from then on...
G.L., B.C., Canada
Following the recommendations of Jini Patel Thompson's book, "The IBD Remission Diet", I decided to undertake a six-week elemental diet using Absorb Plus. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease when I was 11 years old...
E.D., Ontario, Canada
During the course of the diet I never felt hungry, enjoyed the taste of the shakes and was full of energy. I was able to put on and maintain needed weight and was amazed how little self-discipline it took to stay on the diet...
C.S., Ontario, Canada
After following The IBD Remission Diet, my digestion has vastly improved and I have had no blockages at all...
V.J., Texas
I thank God for Jini and her diet. I would recommend the diet to anyone who is having similar issues. The diet is the best thing that happened to my health in the last 20 years...
N.P., California, USA
My daughter had her colonoscopy a week ago and the doctor was surprised that she is clear...
C.B., Ontario, Canada
After four weeks on Absorb Plus, taking mucosaheal , oregano oil and aloe vera he has been feeling the best he has felt in a year...
G.T., Canada
I quite liked it. The chapters on healing fistulas, the dangers associated with colonoscopies and generally comparing your approach to the GAPS approach were quite helpful.
I've loved both books from you.  Found that drinking fluids you recommended & eating VERY lightly a couple days, while using the Probiotic & taking PLENTY of Vitamin C, followed by drinking lots of water, exercising by walking & also employing the sort of "Wurn" technique you demonstrate in videos, has really helped me a lot.  Probably 50% better.  Thank you.
E.B., Canada
I used the IBD Remission Diet book, reading parts of it more than once, some parts several times and have found it very helpful. Loved your detailed information about each item I ingested so that I knew why it was important...
I am absolutely thrilled with everything I learned from your book! From battling a hard case of Ulcerative Colitis, I was at my ropes end and needed to find a new approach! I managed to maintain a Elemental Diet for 5 and a half weeks and introduced Wild Oregano Oil, as well as flax oil into my lifestyle.
  I am only sorry that I didn't get your book sooner.  It gave me a plan to follow that people could get better without drugs.  We are just so brainwashed! If you are sick, go to the hospital. The Drs. will fix you.  
Enjoying and finding very useful all your books !  Thanks so much! 
The book is magnificent. It has helped me so much and even though I feel better now I still go to it again and again. Thank you for that labor of love in writing it.
L.J., Connecticut, USA
Well, I'm going to give you an overview of my success, I have read all of
your books and zeroed in on what I thought were my issues- lack of
peristalsis, constipation, rectal strictures and anal fissures and the unbearable
pain that went with it and am now having some success.
K.S., Canada
Book is excellent, best info I ever got. You put a lot of time into it. It must help many peoples out there. 
Your guide book was very helpful. My son was having intestinal issues and I was able to get him back to health quickly! I'm fairly certain that he does not have IBD, but I also know that he had not been getting proper nutrition. Your information helped me make the dietary changes we both needed in order to get healthy and hopefully prevent the development of any serious disease!
Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into creating the IBD ebook and all the other materials you have researched to help the many people that visit your site. I find the book very informative and enjoyed it and will use it frequently. Thank you. 
Hi Jini! Yes, I got the guide a few days ago & have read through some of
it.. It's most definitely helpful! I'm new to having IBS...
B.R., California, USA
I have been reading your work for about one year.  I purchased the "Listen To Your Gut" book (the big book), read the Natural Treatments book, downloaded the IBD Remission Diet book, had it printed and bound and I am just beginning to read that...
N. B. India
I am an Indian. I tried your remission Diet and follow the steps of a healthy gut. With in four weeks I got extremely unexpectable results. No stomachache...
S.Z. Michigan, USA
I’d like to give you an update on my husbands progress. It’s hard to believe, but he definitely turned a corner last week and we are seeing some huge improvements! Bloating, gas, and cramps have all ceased and, after several weeks on the IBD Remission Diet...
L.F. Massachusetts, USA
Your IBD remission diet book was so instrumental and encouraging for my healing process. I have completed the elemental diet, doing great, still continuing with the stricture healing protocol...
S.Z. Michigan, USA
I am more than happy to give you feedback on Listen to Your Gut - the book that, I believe, saved my husband's life. After 35 years of trying to manage Crohn’s Disease nutritionally (without medication), my husband’s body was giving out. From 2002 through 2016 he had been on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet...
C.H., Colorado, USA
IBD Remission Book is a wonderful resource to keep on your nightstand
R.D., South Africa
Wow, excellent, magnificent book, I solved my leaky gut problem that gave me 15 years of bleeding in my stool, hospital in and out.
C.C., Florida,USA
The protocols are doing well for me so far.
A couple weeks before starting your healing regimen, I could not tolerate any food. Each time I ate, I would have terrible abdominal pain and swelling and/or the food would sit in my stomach until I threw it back up..
T.L., Iowa, USA
"I was diagnosed in 1999 with mild to moderate Left sided Ulcerative Colitis and immediately started on the Asacol pills and Rowasa enemas..."
E.C, California, USA
I had to write to express my deepest gratitude for your dedication to helping those find healing for their digestive symptoms...
have had amazing success with this diet. It was very difficult consuming only liquids for  awhile but where there is a will there is a way....
Feedback? I’ve been meaning to write to you, and I’ll keep it simple: 
You saved my life..

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