P.R., New Hampshire, USA
"Doing without medication after 10 years of constant use was a scary prospect and it helped a lot to have your program! Over the 10 years I have had IBD the flare-ups were very debilitating. By changing my lifestyle and diet I have improved significantly. The original thought of doing without medication after almost 10 years of constantly taking drugs was a scary prospect, and it has helped me a lot to have your book/program. So far I have been pleased and hope to continue as I have been. My last flare-up was short (3 months or so) and I did not lose any weight. I was able to still go to the gym (although not as frequently). A far cry from 5 years ago when I had to take two naps a day, lost 25 pounds and took 9 to 12 months from first symptom to resumption of "normal" activity levels."