B.S., Montreal, Canada
"I have wonderful results to report from reading Jini's book!! I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis (80%) in Late Dec 06. I was given Salofalk and told to return to work and not really change anything in my diet by the Doctor who gave me the Colonoscopy and my GP agreed with him. The Gastroenterologist was a bit more knowledgeable in diet in that he advised me to limit my intake of foods that bothered me.
I started looking up sites for colitis and found the American Colitis/Crohns society which listed Jini's book as recommended reading on their sight. It seemed that Jini's book was the only book on the list that gave me hope and a cure so I bought it right away in late Dec 06 and started to implement all the recommendations for ulcerative colitis.
I purchased the Natren probiotics, L Glutamine, George's aloe vera juice and started taking them in the proper order and sequence first thing in the morning as well, I changed my diet to what was recommended. I also started doing EFT, cranial sacral therapy and some energy work and going on Jini's forum for advice.
The only thing I did not implement properly was taking the wild oregano protocol due to my own discipline problems which I am sure I would have benefited from If I did it properly....( I am not perfect). I also stopped work in March 07 in order to recuperate as I was constantly sick and currently I am still on leave which has helped me greatly in my healing.
It is August 07, only 7 months since the severe diagnosis given to me, and my bowels have started working again on their own, my bleeding has almost completely stopped, weight gain is good and my overall strength is returning. I went to see my GP last week and he was very impressed with my condition. My gastroenterologist as well as another M.D. specialist I am seeing believes that I am very close to being over the colitis !!
I believe that my healing was due to Jini's book and really think Jini is doing such incredible good for so may people who are suffering from digestive problems and offers a bright light for the road to recovery and healing.
Another Example:
I spoke to a relative recently who had been suffering / diagnosed with massive reflux 6 months ago and was taking 2 types of medications with no relief in sight and was quite distressed by the whole situation.
I offered him Jini's recommendations for supplements, diet, and EFT, which he implemented right away. He decided also to stop the medications. In a matter of only 2 weeks, his situation has improved greatly and he is now looking forward to his summer !!Can I say more ?? !!!
One major thing I have learned, is that if you want to heal it is in your power to make the changes with the right advice and information, but you have to want it. Thank you for the wonderful work you all do that gave me hope where otherwise there was none, and has allowed me to start healing and quickly progress. I tell everyone about Jini's book!"