N.P., Massachusetts, USA
"Listen To Your Gut and the forum was helpful. Just wanted to let you know that Listen To Your Gut and the forum was helpful to me all over again in the last couple of weeks. My Mum took antibiotics for an infected tick bite a few weeks ago and subsequently started having GI symptoms, which ended up being diagnosed as a severe c-diff. infection. She more or less denied that anything was wrong with her until she was in pretty bad shape and ended up having to spend a week in the hospital.
Anyway, that was quite a stressful experience, as you can imagine - I'm pretty close to my Mum. I have to tell you, though, I was really grateful for Listen To Your Gut and the forum, particularly the discussion threads that dealt with c-diff. They, and my own experience, really allowed me to be helpful in a way I couldn't have otherwise
She opted for the standard treatments but has agreed to follow Phases 2 and 3 of your Wild Oregano Protocol when she finishes up on the Vancomycin and Flagyl. It's interesting how knowledge spreads. My father borrowed When the Body Says No while my mother was in the hospital and started reading Listen To Your Gut, as well. He's really very interested in both....he "gets" it.
Well, mainly this note is just to tell you thank you. I'm sure your work touches a lot of people every day; but it's always nice to hear back when you've helped."