P.M., Texas, USA
"I truly feel that your information saved her life. I have purchased Listen To Your Gut and The IBD Remission Diet and I am forever grateful for the emails! My daughter was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease a few years ago after a long process of tests by many kinds of doctors . . . over several years. She was very ill by the time she was FINALLY properly diagnosed. After a terrible scare with Remicade I searched the internet for other solutions and found you!
We have tried many of the suggestions in your book and carry it around for easy reference all the time. Recently she experienced another blockage and we decided to try your natural methods at home (no hospital) using no pain meds or prednisone . . . just Absorb Plus, colonic massage, tea, water . . . she made it through after five days! Yeah!!! She is still using Pentasa and Mercaptopurine. We are shooting for no drugs. Soon I hope.
As a parent I know you understand the love you have for child and the pain you experience when they are so ill. I truly feel that your information saved her life. I can't thank you enough! She is now 22 about to graduate from college in December and planning to be married soon! Just not too long ago we thought those things weren't possible. I forward your website to people all the time!
p.s. - your staff is wonderful. Always helpful, very responsive! I am grateful for them too!"