J.X., Australia
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"My 11-yr-old daughter has a completely happy, drug-free, pain-free life. My daughter was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in July, widespread and in her stomach. And she had a course of steroids. The enteric coated ones which she did not do too badly on, but she was losing weight so the she was started on steroids at 50 milligrams and she went downhill from that stage really. When she went from 50 to 40 mg, she had an extreme pain and the gastroenterologist simply couldn't get her off the steroids. It was back up to 50 again. It was excruciating pain. She said she envied people who could stretch out in bed - and she's only 11 years old.
I came across Jini's book on the foundation - the Crohn's Colitis Foundation in Australia and I sent away for a copy. And I also sent away for a sample of the shakes and some of the additives. And it arrived amazingly about five days later. And I didn't think anything of it because I thought the steroids would work but it got worse and worse. And the gastroenterologist wanted me to start her on Imuran. But I said to him, I just wanted to give her the chance to not go on drugs for - his idea was to put her on for something like 10 years and then he was lining her up for Infliximab. Which I didn't like the sound of, because it's so new.
Anyway he - she was in such terrible pain and she had such a bad day that she wasn't eating anyway, so I mixed up one of the shakes and said drink this anyway. And we kept going with the shakes, maybe she had I think three that day and then a couple the next day and the third day we had an appointment with him anyway where we would decide whether to put her on Imuran. And she - that morning I found her stretched out in bed and she said to him 'I'm on a liquid diet and the pain's gone'.
And he said he was skeptical that anything could work that fast and did the book say that it did and I said well it actually says you're more likely to get a bit worse the three days. I was skeptical too and he said maybe a blockage had passed through. Well maybe that was the case, but the pains got fewer and fewer as time went on. He said he would now support the diet. He didn't like some of the - he didn't like the idea that there wasn't any iron and fat in it. I had to point out that you added those yourself and that it was flax oil and he was a bit happier about that.
And the pains got fewer and fewer and the right side pain where she had the narrowing of the bowl. The stricture, which showed in the MRI, that was more stubborn, but she kept up with it for six, almost seven weeks. And that gradually went away. And when she pressed on it, it stopped hurting altogether. And she's leading a completely happy, drug free, and pain free life.
I was going to record - I was going to write a testimonial when the time was right because I was just - I was waiting for a year or so to pass by. But I think - I have hope that she's got a brighter future now because I didn't see that future in his eyes after he did the scope. And she's on the probiotics, the Natren probiotics and I've also got some VSL and I'm just seeing which ones she responds better to. She's taken them both well and so we are just looking to the future really.
Anyway, it's not a scam and my husband said it's not a lot of stuff in the Diet but that is because the - Listen To Your Gut book is more wide ranging. I've got them both and I did my own research and I've found that it pretty much tallied with what I found out. It's sensible and it doesn't make grandiose claims and I trusted it. And I was right to. Anyway, thank you."