P.O., New Brunswick, USA
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"In remission for a year and a half. I really started reading your books for my daughter. I'm 63 years old but my daughter's 35 years old. She started Crohn's when she was 21. She went in remission for a while and she fell sick again about two years ago. She lost a lot of weight and she was very ill. She was living in Montreal. She came home and I ordered this book The IBD remission Diet. And she had girlfriend who had Listen To Your Gut so we put both of them together because I had lent out the Listen To Your Gut to somebody and I never got it back. So we put them both together and we started reading and making the shakes that it says in there and reading all the tips so far. 

A few weeks I started making all the broth and I started making the shakes. And doing all the stuff that you were saying in the book. And she started losing weight we got - kind of got worried for a while and she must have went down to about 95 pounds. And she didn't look very well. But then after being on this diet for, I would say approximately two to three months, then we started introducing her different foods that's on your reintroduction chart there - Phase One, Phase Two... And we started introducing some of those foods and she got better. And now she is - she works for an airline as a stewardess and she has it pretty well under control.

She was taking (salofalk) and prednisone in the beginning and she - after a couple of months she weaned off of that and now she takes nothing. No medication whatsoever. She watches her diet and she has been in remission ever since, so it's been a year in a half that she's been in remission. And she has no problems whatsoever, but we keep this book and we keep all that information on hand all the time. And I want to thank you very much for all of your information."