S.S., British Columbia, Canada
"I have had no symptoms for a year and a half and feel I am cured. I want to thank you for all your help, and the book of course is a great resource. I basically followed your plan, with the oregano oil and the probiotics. It was a real hassle to try and get them (probiotics) in the first few months but finally convinced the local health store in the mall to carry Natren and it has been great! I believe that taking the Natren was the turning point for me and although lately I've been having some pelvic discomfort, I have had no symptoms (diarrhea, bleeding..) for about a year and a half...I very rarely use the suppositories, once every few months, if that, and feel like I am cured! I have also told a lot of people about your book and the probiotics...I still take the probiotics at night and L-glutamine 1 tsp. a day."