S.B., Florida,USA
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"It's not just my intestines that have improved, my whole life is better! I am very appreciative for the information I got from Listen To Your Gut because I had an ongoing problem that just spontaneously popped up in middle age. And I think it was an antibiotic-related beginning. I was told - of course I had all the tests and I took medicine and so forth - but I was told that this was just something that I would have to control with medication and so forth.
This was not acceptable and I am very thankful for the help I got from Listen To Your Gut. It has helped me get everything under control. I actually eat better and everything else now anyway, so it's not just the intestinal problem that has been improved, but I think probably my whole life is better because of it. And I do appreciate the fact that there was someone who was willing to invest this much time in figuring out what was really wrong in solving her problem. I admire that and I'm very appreciative for the help I got from following her guidelines. Thank you very much."