S.P., California, USA
"Thank you thank you Jini Hello! My difficult GI symptoms such as chronic alternating constipation/soft stools and excess flatus & pain resolved 90-95% after a 6 day "fast" with protein shakes & fruit juices. Followed by several days of slowing advancing foods with known tolerance such as rice & cooked carrots. I remain under treatment with Canasa suppositories for ulcerative colitis....still need the medicine, but the diet along with certainly helped! Thank you thank you Jini.
I am a family nurse practitioner in a major multi-specialty clinic. Only concerns are the need for controlled studies to evaluate the excellent responses many of us have had. I have no doubt that bowel rest with easily digested nutrition is critical to allow healing from many aliments including colitis & diverticulitis. Additionally we brand too many symptoms as IBS. However, without controlled scientific studies to back up our claims (especially claims about supplements) we cannot regularly recommend such to our patients....conventional medicine is "evidence based" for many good reasons. I believe conventional medicine is also critical for proper care....hopefully, over time we can all work together more. Best of luck & thank you for your guidance."