B.W, B.C., Canada
"Now 45 years old, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 1980. Apart from the first 30 days after diagnosis in 1980, I have remained drug-free. have never had surgery. The disease has manifested itself as a series of very small strictures (2mm in some cases) in my small intestine. These obstructions, along with mal-absorption of protein, calcium, iron and other nutrients have caused much suffering in the form of intestinal pain, gas, weightlessness, fatigue, edema and mood-swings. With some difficulty, and with patience from family, friends and employer, I have been able to lead a relatively normal life resulting in a career, marriage and young family. Knowledge of my own body and its needs along with strict adherence to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet by Elaine Gotchall for over a decade are the two most important aspects of maintaining my relatively normal life.
In addition, rest, flexible work schedule and awareness of stress play an important role. Small things like wearing clothes without a waistband and lying down on my right or left side for 10 minutes (the choice of side depends on how I feel) actually make the difference between functioning in society or withdrawing in pain and suffering. One tool (weapon) I use is to fast for a day or two when my intestine gets blocked and I can't unblock it. This of course leads to malnutrition and weightlessness and is not a way to achieve long-term improvement however it lets me survive in the short-term.
After reading Ms. Patel-Thompson's books and experimenting, I have experienced good success using Absorb Plus as a complete food replacement and as an alternative to fasting to give my intestine a rest while still feeding myself. The results have been good, even with some weight gain. I use twice the amount of liquid recommended in the form of 50/50 rice milk and water mixed with Absorb Plus so that I maintain a good liquid intake. I enjoy the taste of Absorb Plus and see continuing its use indefinitely."