M.N., California, USA
"I am like a normal, healthy person again. I come from Slovakia and my problems started 7 years ago after stressful period of my life. At the beginning I had only mild inflammation, and after colonoscopy was diagnosed with proctitis. I received medicaments and hoped it will go away. I new nothing about my disease but by the time I realized the medicine is only to suppress the symptoms and not for treatment! After several flare ups the things got worse and I was unable to bare the situation both mentally and physically. The doctors were not very helpful, just increased the dosage of medicaments. So I started to experiment myself. After intensive search on the net I ordered a book from Elaine Gotschall and started with SCD. First time after 5 years I could really see the improvement and was very optimistic. My condition improved a lot but after 6 months on the diet I realized it does not get further. As I had problems with constipation, my stools were often bloody. Than I ordered Jini's Listen To Your Gut book and started taking vitamin C, Omega-3, Mucosal Heal and probiotics. This book is full of useful information one can find nowhere else, I have to admit I did not expect such a complete healing program. After couple of weeks I lost all the symptoms and slowly started with less strict diet according to the book. Since last November I am like normal healthy person again, just have to be careful with the food as my gut is very sensitive for bad things. I am still taking vitamin C, Omega-3 and probiotics, and I am really happy to be healthy again thanks Elaine's and Jini's books. What I find as most important is the fact that in the case the symptoms reappear I know exactly what to do."