T.H., California
"I keep Absorb Plus in my home for my 16-year-old daughter who has Crohn's disease. We are treating her complete naturally and this was a wonderful alternative to use for bowel rest when she is not quite feeling right. I hate the idea of giving her a supplement drink with chemicals and preservatives in it. The interesting thing is that I ended up needing it desperately and was so thankful I had 2 complimentary servings that I received from reading Jini-Patel Thompson's book.
This past January I got a very bad bronchial virus. I was having cough spasms so severely that I injured my ribs. I reluctantly decided to try a course of antibiotics because I was so miserable. Four hours after taking the antibiotics, I was on the floor sweating and cramping. I thought I was going to die. I had a total bacteria kill-off and I became toxic. It is called antibiotic induced colitis. I started having diarrhea and then I began to pour out blood from my intestines. This went on for days. I chose not to go to the emergency room because I knew exactly what had happened and I knew that I would be scoped and put on major medications that would ultimately just prolong the healing. I have lived this nightmare with my daughter.
I lost 10 pounds in one week. My body needed nutrition but my intestines were very damaged and so I did not want to use solid food. I began to use the vitamin supplements that my daughter takes in her daily regimen and I used Absorb Plus for my nutritional needs. It was so satisfying and tasted awesome. I slowly began to heal and I thank God that I can say that I am totally healed now from that nightmare. I realize that without the ability to nourish myself, I could have easily succumbed to even more serious health problems as a result of the antibiotic reaction. I love this product and I will always have some in my cupboard for my daughter when she needs it and also for other health emergencies. Thank you!"