T.J., Georgia
"Thanks for my recent order of Absorb Plus. This is my second time using the product as described in the IBD Remission Diet. I truly believe Jini's claim that the use of Absorb Plus is as effective as Prednisone for my Crohns' disease.
I am very anti-drug and it is great to have a natural alternative to the dangers of drug therapy (as my G.I. says "there is no magic bullet to treat Crohn's"). The first week of the IBD remission diet is tough (the detox effect and hunger are a challenge) but it is nothing compared to dealing with the pains of Crohn's disease - and it gets much easier after the first week or so.
I encourage you and your company to continue with the incentive program for regular users of Absorb Plus. In fact, I wish you would increase such efforts as it is very important to be cost-effective with your products. After all, most Crohn's sufferers are in their teens and twenties and they are very limited when it comes to finances (I know several who would like to try the diet if it were more affordable). I understand that the ingredients are top-notch and are more affordable in your mixture than if one made it themselves. Still, do your best on bringing the cost down and you will be rewarded with more users.
You can use these comments (in whole or in part) but try to include the creative criticisms as this will show others how genuine you and your company are."