K.B., Michigan
Listen to the audio:
" January 19, 2005: Our son was diagnosed in September with Crohn's Disease. He is only 10 years old and had lost nearly 20 pounds. At the beginning of January, I found your web site and ordered all three flavours. He is somewhat asymptomatic right now and is eating well, but he really needs to gain back some weight. Using Absorb Plus as a supplement, he has gained three pounds in two weeks!! What a difference! He looks so much better and has so much energy! He is playing basketball, skiing and snowboarding. His color is great and he feels really good. Our doctor was impressed. He wants to start weaning our son off his medication. Thank you so much for your product. I hope that he will continue to gain. His next appointment is in March, so we will let you know the results!!

March 17, 2005: I just took my son back for a recheck, and he has gained another four pounds. Our Dr. took George off of his Pentasa, and he took down the info on the product. I hope that some other kids can get help, too. I will call Monday to see how his blood work went. He is still feeling and looking great. When I tuck him in at night and I rub his back I feel flesh, not bones. He's up a total of 12 pounds."