L.M., Virginia
"Hi! I am 16 years old and have had Crohn's disease for about 6 years. I had tried many types of medicines to get my flares under control, but none of them seemed to work that well. My doctor told me to drink nutrient shakes orally or consume them using GI tube feedings. I tried many different types of shakes, such as Peptamen, Modulen IBD, Ensure (etc.). Those products tasted awful, made me gag and gave me a horrible aftertaste, that lasted hours. I couldn't stand it any longer and tried GI tube feedings, but that only lasted a week or so, because that, too, was unbearable.
When I was in the hospital (to learn how to put the GI tube down my nose), the nurses gave me Modulen IBD. When I woke up from the feedings, my stomach felt really nauseous because of all the sugar and "unnatural" ingredients in the shakes.
The first time I tried Absorb Plus, I was ecstatic because it made me feel great and it tasted WONDERFUL! I've been on them (with no food) for 11 weeks so far and am still not tired of the taste-many times I even crave them! My other favorite part of using Absorb Plus, is that I only have to drink 1 cup, 4 times a day (I weigh 110 Ibs). With the other brands of "yucky" IBD shakes, I had to drink around 2 cups, 8 times a day!
I told other IBD sufferers about your product, and they were very timid because many of them had tried other products in the past and were dissatisfied. My advice is: Don't have negative thoughts about tasting Absorb Plus for the first time, they really are that good! These shakes are kid and teenager approved! Thank you for making such a great product!"