D.W., Australia
"They haven't found any Crohn's. Jini & the team have certainly put in a huge amount of effort to produce the books. Finally somewhere to get information that doctors couldn't (but should) provide. My attitude towards my own health has already changed. Knowing that there is hope of leading a normal life where I am in control and not the Crohn's. Diet, positive thinking and visualization has made a huge difference on my general well being. I was diagnosed with Crohn's at age 16 and have now had it for 14 years. I have had 3 bowel resections, the first due to the Crohn's, the second was a stricture and the third was a twisted bowel when I was pregnant with my first child.
I am now drug free and follow a (not so strict) Low Fructose diet, which has made a world of difference. I am now at the stage where my symptoms are more of a severe irritable bowel (so the doctors diagnose) as they haven't found any Crohn's since I was first sick."