M.J., Australia
Listen to the audio:
"My colon has been in remission for six years now. I was diagnosed with a colon lesion in 2002, after a whole year of being in so much pain. They couldn't see what was wrong with me because I was pregnant at the time. So when my daughter was two months old I had my colonoscopy and they found out that I did have Crohn's ulceration in my ileum.
It was the early stages but they said I had to go on steroids, and I said 'no' because I want to breastfeed - and I wanted to check the alternatives. I ran into Jini's web site with my mom's help and read her testimonials. I bought Listen To Your Gut and bought The IBD Remission Diet, loved the books, did the six week elemental diet. And took Jini's book advice and took supplements, probiotics, and even chatted with Jini online to check if what I was doing was right. And my colon has been in remission ever since.
It's a great site, it's a great book. She knows what's she's saying. It worked for me, so I hope it works for you guys too."