I started to use the Absorb Plus shakes a few weeks ago. As someone who suffers from UC I have been having chronic diarrhea for 4 years. It is really debilitating and I feel like a disabled person, having to time every activity around my meal time and the question of "will there be a private bathroom I will be able to use?" My other challenge is "what can I eat so I don't do even more damage to my gut?". This constant guessing game is truly exhausting. That where Absorb Plus comes in. I now have a go-to meal at the ready and it is a blessing. My breakfast is covered so that's one less meal to worry about. When I am home and I need a snack, a shake keeps me from having stuff I know I shouldn't eat. I feel like I have regained a little bit of freedom and it is an invaluable improvement. I tried the French Vanilla first and found it too sweet for my taste but now I am mixing it 50/50 with the unsweetened Vanilla and it is just perfect for me.
Thank you so much for creating Absorb Plus. You are helping so many people in their healing journey!