G.M., Alberta, Canada
"I have been using Absorb Plus for the last month as recommended in Jini Patel's book as a part of the Elemental Diet. I must say the taste & variety provided are fantastic! I was somewhat hesitant since there are only 3 flavours available, but have realized there is quite a bit of variety available especially when experimenting with mixing the flavours and I urge others to do the same!
The shakes (in addition with flax) have been very filling and I have had no cravings! Which was quite surprising since I normally have a voracious appetite. But most importantly my chocolate cravings were satisfied nicely by the Chocolate Royale.
Even my husband who is not on the Elemental Diet has been having shakes as they provide an excellent source of Energy. I haven't had to change my lifestyle at all, I still have the same amount of energy and am able to go to the gym three times a week, work and take night classes. If anything I think the Absorb Plus shakes have made life easier since there was no need to worry about planning meals, shopping or cooking! And with my busy schedule they provided all the nutrition and calories and energy I need. I would most definitely recommend Absorb Plus to anyone out there who is considering following the elemental diet or just to keep on hand for their daily dose of vitamins! And as I said they're great as a meal replacement when you're on the go.
I will certainly continue using Absorb Plus even when I'm done the elemental diet for nutrition!! Thank you for a great product!"