D.M., Texas, USA
I was very sick when I found your website. I had gone to see a functional medicine gut specialist (first time stepping outside the western medical model) and had a GI Map test along with a few other diagnostics. 

I began having problems in my 20’s with my GI tract (I’m currently 62). It began with gallbladder problems, 
Which was eventually surgically removed and I was sent home with “it’s out, now have a great life” as my on-going instructions.
Next came IBS, which was so severe it nearly destroyed me. After a decade of suffering I was put on a old cholesterol medication 
called Cholestyramine which put it in remission for years as long as I didn’t forget my dose every day. Next came fibromyalgia and 
Chronic Fatigue. After that I spent 6 years with Diverticulitis that landed me in the hospital for a week every time on IV fluids. Finally
They removed over a foot of my lower bowel, and sent me home with “you’re cured!” And no indication as to what caused it. 
Immediately on the heals of that my appendix ruptured and back into surgery I went. This was followed by a decade of spinal surgeries and a full hysterectomy because of many very large fibroids and a heavy family history of breast cancer. I fought trying to lose weight my entire adult life as well. 

Finally about three years ago I decided to take my health into my own hands and changed my lifestyle completely. Low carb Paleo type diet, regular exercise, etc, but never really completely walking away from all the bad carbs and sugar. I felt like I was finally getting a handle on my health and feeling much better. Then this year I decided to go all in, eliminate sugar completely (I’m type 2 diabetic since 2006) and get rid of all grain, legumes, and carbs except for green leafy veg and occasional sweet potatoe or squash and I upped my healthy fat intake.

Then the proverbial crap hit the fan. Out of nowhere one day I started having violent, watery diarrhea many many times a day, and night. After this had been going on for a month and I was getting sicker and weaker, I decided to find a functional medicine doctor for help. She has been a life-saver. The test results revealed I had auto-immune Hashimoto thyroid, I was very deficient in vitamin D (a chronic long term problem) and iodine deficiency. While we were waiting on the GI Map results I became so ill and had such severe pain right where my gallbladder used to be, that my husband rushed me to the ER. They diagnosed Colitis and my liver values were off the charts! They put me on two antibiotics (of course) and sent me home with four additional prescriptions that I never filled. My doc ran additional tests to check for viral hepatitis and other issues of the liver. Thankfully nothing showed up. The GI test revealed SIBO, Leaky Gut, norovirus, C Diff, and a host of other issues including fat malabsorption. She put me on Physicians Elemental Diet for 14 days and everything calmed down. It was during the Elemental diet that I found your website. After reading just about everything, I ordered your book and read it in two days. This brought so much clarity and understanding to my condition, I was truly so very thankful to have found you. 
I ordered and started using Natren’s probiotics right after the E diet, all in powdered form so I could actually absorb them. Holy smokes that really started things turning around. I no longer have any IBS symptoms! I’m off the statin drugs, the gerd drugs, the Metformin, the IBS meds, all of it except my thyroid medication which we hope to revisit in the future. Now we are detoxing the liver and addressing the estrogen dominance with a cleanse as well. I’ve lost ALL the rest of the weight I’ve carried around my whole life, what a side benefit! I know it’s a journey, but your book helped me in so many ways Jini. I had direction, and resources to move on after that book. Thank you so much for everything you do and stand for. You’ve turned me into such a health warrior, I can’t get enough education, I’m always seeking more! I’ve even enrolled in a Health Coaching Institute focusing on on whole food, primally aligned lifestyle, such a great education. 

Thank you for inspiring me and giving me the opportunity to share with you my transformation!