You are amazing. Just the type of person i was looking for. Well versed on natural healing. Well researched products (you've even devised your own). Healed yourself of a serious health condition which is proof of your expertise and protocols and willing to share! I'm so glad i found you.
I wasn't sure what my condition was. If its stricture, bowel inflammation, transverse prolapse, Morgellons disease. After a barium X-ray of my colon proving there is nothing abnormal and trying many digestive aids, enemas and essential oil supositories. I came to the conclusion I have a weakened ileo cecal valve. Everything I was doing was helping a little, but not enough for me to feel normal and healthy again. i knew i needed more and thats when I came across your website and started reading your recommendations. Listening to your lectures, hearing your own testimonial and researching your products....now i bow at your feet. 

I have been on the stricture heal protocol for 4 weeks and am very very impressed with the results. I have a skin rash and I use the topical DMSO solution on and it has greatly improved. I use the oral protocol religiously as recommended with a diet of raw juice. Lots of salads and raw fruit. Some nuts and seeds. NO GRAINS. I also felt I needed the minerals so i got them and the whey protein as i eat no meat. I also take a bowel cleanser with charcoal and clay at night. I am having regular bowel movements this week. My energy and homeostasis is restored. I have vitality and the light is back in my eyes. If you don't know about Morgellons disease it is characterized by a skin rash and digestive disorders. This is what most complain of and more. It is progressive. Has a variety of other symptoms and is bacterial in nature. Your DMSO protocol is just what I was looking for though i didn't know such a thing existed.

I am so grateful. I strongly encourage everyone and I mean everyone who has had surgery or not...If you have a digestive issue use the oral and topical stricture heal protocol and you will find relief and genuine healing. Be diligent and be serious about your health. This protocol is remarkable and heals all tissue abnormalities not just strictures.