I have gone from needing to wear panty liners 24/7 and needing surgery, to barely needing the liners and no surgery. I have rectal prolapse and bladder problems. I watched Jini’s video on squatting and practice it 100%, I do Kegels every day 3 or more times/day and I am drinking 8 glasses of water/day. Sorry to say I still need Myrbetriq which has relieved my of feelings of urgency. I still have the prolapse, but am able to control it about 70% of the time. I put it in after bowel movements and it stays with the help of doing Kegels. I told my doctor about Jini’s video and she told me she was going to advise other patients. What a blessing not to need surgery! Besides surgery is only 65% effective, if that. Thank you for saving me.