J.P., California, USA
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"I have better health now, then before I got the disease! Basically I’m calling because when I read this book I was in bed and I weighed about 129 pounds. And I had lost 45 pounds leading up to that and was just so weak and couldn’t move. I kind of felt like my entire life was going to be about that. And I knew that there were some answers out there, if I could just find them, that would help me get back on my feet. I had resisted taking Prednisone for a very long time and had gotten just so sick that it was starting to compromise greatly the quality of my life. My wife was pregnant. It was just not a good time for me not to be a hundred percent. I don’t think there ever is a good time not to be a hundred percent. But - so, you know - Jini’s book was like a friend.
And as I stopped there… and laid there - I should say - and read this book, it gave me not only comfort and strength to feel that I could get through this, it gave me knowledge and it gave me tools. Some of the simple things I did immediately and it truly helped me to get out of that bed. 
And it helped me mentally because so much of this dis-ease, as she calls it and others call it, is mental. Now I know a lot of people might have a hard time with that but I know from dealing with this for six years and now being back to the weight that I was, having better health than I had before I got the disease, that getting yourself in check mentally is something that she really emphasizes. As well as supplements, as well as nutrition.
And this idea that one size doesn’t fit all. And that’s what western medicine wants to do. Western medicine wants to give you something to deal with the symptoms. But really it’s about going inside. And Jini’s book and her teachings literally guide you through that, give you lots and lots of choices because it is an individual experience. One thing does not fit all.
As a result of me reading her books and re-reading her books and giving her books to people that come to me - I just can’t tell you how much comfort and how much knowledge that I have gained from her. And now I seem to be a little bit of a magnet for people going through this, or who have just been diagnosed. And it brings me nothing but joy to kind of spread the knowledge and to point them in her direction.
To this day - I signed up for all these chat rooms and all these things when I was first diagnosed. And I have systematically gotten rid of it all. I, you know - I no longer search the internet for quick-fixes like I did in those early months. There is no quick fix. It’s a personal journey.
And Jini Patel Thompson is the person to take you on that journey. And I so appreciate her and I so appreciate her teachings. And, you know, I’ve been inspired by her and it’s my pleasure to give this testimonial. I wish I could give my phone number out to people to call me because I care that much and I know she does. So that’s it. Good luck."