I appreciated the info in the probiotic book as well as Listen to Your Gut book. I began the Natren probiotics, l glutamine, oregano oil, NAG  and the aloe vera juice about three weeks ago. Within 3 days, my intestinal inflammation and bleeding stopped. My frequent, loose bowel movements took about two weeks to completely regulate. I have a swollen, painful area in my descending colon that is taking a little longer to heal, but it's almost there. I feel so much better and sleep all night! I never went to a doctor for an official diagnosis but feel I had all the intestinal issues you wrote about, except crohn's disease. Nobody else on the internet had all of the pieces to the puzzle of healing, except you. Thank you so much!

My intestinal issues began years ago with inflammation and hemorrhoidal bleeding. I figured out it was caused by gluten and went gluten free. I saw an improvement but the inflammation and bleeding never went away completely.  About three years ago, the symptoms increased and I suffered cramping, a painful area in my ascending colon, frequent bowel movements, bleeding and fecal incontinence.  A year ago, I figured out that the emulsifiers and bulking agents in gluten free foods were causing me problems so I gave up all foods with them in it. I saw some improvement for a while but then my symptoms returned and got worse. I developed a very painful, swollen spot in my descending colon, and the bleeding came at an alarming rate. I suspect it was coming from the sore spot in the colon. I never went to a doctor because I knew cures were not being offered there. I am so thankful I found your website and ordered your book and the recommended supplements. I'm a walking commercial for your protocol now!