I am a 25-year-old male that was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in November 2017. I am a firefighter and in the military as a reservist. Although I was diagnosed with UC late 2017, I was experiencing symptoms as far back as a year prior. 
Not only have I been taking MucosalHeal, but I have also been taking: Aloe Juice, glutamine, flaxseed oil, and the three probiotics from Natren. These supplements have provided me with life-saving treatment. I am off all medication and live a normal life. I take everything twice a day and have had great success. This treatment of my UC has saved both my careers, even at a time when I believed I would lose everything. Jini's book and recommended supplements have been an answer to prayer for me, my family, and loved ones. I no longer experience bleeding in my stools and have no uncontrollable bowel movements any longer. 
MucosalHeal has been working miraculously.