I am doing much better now. I was diagnosed, after a colonoscopy, with Ulcerative Proctitis. After using the FissureHeal suppositories for a couple weeks, along with my strict diet and several internal herbs and vitamin and mineral supplements since September, I have finally had a return to normal elimination without bleeding or mucus. I follow a diet that has no dairy, no gluten, no alcohol, no chocolate, no corn, no soy, limited sweets ( some raw honey and maple syrup), and limited eggs (duck). I did take slippery elm powder, turmeric powder and l-glutamine powder in water or coconut milk separately twice daily, among many other supplements. I also tried to eliminate stress and meditated and walked. Hope and a positive attitude were critical. Thanks to diligence and patience, I am experiencing a miraculous recovery after about 6 months of effort. Good luck to anyone suffering with debilitating symptoms. 
Just believe you can do it and never give up trying. 
Hope this helps,