I can't thank you enough for all the research and insights you have provided.  I am 73 years old and have had one form or another of IBD-diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, etc for over twenty years.  They wouldn't definitively state I had UC because I didn't lose weight, but colonoscopies showed my mucosa was very bad, I had diverticulosis up the entire side of the colon and over half the sigmoid colon showed signs of UC. I  have taken many different drugs.  In the early days the mesalimine worked pretty well, but I did not want to stay on that forever.  In the last few years with the ever increasing price of drugs and Asacol no longer covered by my insurance I switched to sulfasalizine which caused stomach upsets plus the mail order house sent a bottle of bad drugs that didn't work and I went into a full flare in Fall 2015. 
I went to a holistic doctor in Virginia - Dr. Harani- who helped a lot and found my whole system was out of wack and got me back on track. Very low Vitamin D, B12 and B6, hormonal imbalance, etc. I started taking Boswellia and that helped, but I started having intestinal bleeding. The holisitc doctor suspected that I may have an infection in my gut.  I went back to the GI in March 2016 who did a colonoscopy and put me on Bodesonide and Lialda.  This did nothing to stop the bleeding and the Bodesonide made me feel terrible. We moved to Florida in May 2016.  In July I was back at the GI who lowered the Lialda dose and wanted to put me on mercourprine(?).  I refused to take it.  At that point I started my own research to see what might work.  I had some luck with various programs, but the bleeding never stopped.  The GI doctor said it was hemorrhoids.  That was true, but not all of it.  In May 2017 I had another colonoscopy and the doctor put me back on bodesonide and lialda.  By the end of the three month regimen I was bleeding profusely, running to the bathroom up to 15 times per day, had white spots on my gums like thrush, terrible night sweats and over all malaise.  In July my constipation increased and I had to see a proctologist to have the hemorrhoids  banded and lasered.  He told me that the bleeding wasn't just from the hemerhoids and I needed to see the GI doctor immediately.  I had an appointment with the GI doctor two weeks later-I never went since I knew his only solution would be more drugs.  
It was at this time I came across the SCD diet program and found your work.  I started on the diet and went to work using your approach to see if I could get my gut to stop bleeding.  I started with the Wild Oregano Oil, believing as you do and my Dr in Virginia that there is a infection component to IBD.  I did about a three week regime 3-4 times per day with the Wild Oregano Oil. (I have my husband on it now for his chronic post nasal drip and my sister who, it turns out has a chronic sinus infrection.)  I did the retention enemas (marshmallow root, slippery elm and comfrey root) for about a week to stop bleeding.  I used the probiotics in powdered form - did have some problems with these. Finally I settled on getting the Absob Plus to address any deficiencies in my vitamin, mineral and amino acids balances.  For the past three months I have taken the Absob Plus with marshmallow root, slippery elm and Udo's oil almost every day.  I also added back the Boswellia twice per day.  My bowel movements steadily improved (the best they have been in over 2 1/2 years) and the bleeding has significantly lessened.  Now just some every few days, usually in the form of attached to mucus strings.  I did have a flare after Thanksgiving - my fault went too far off the diet.  I had bleeding problems for about a week and had to go back to the proctologist.  The good news was he said the internal hemorrhoids-the ones he had to treat last July- looked fine! The have healed.  I believe there is still the one bad intestinal area in the sigmoid colon that gets irritated and bleeds occasionally.  
BTW I currently take no medication, play golf, tennis and pickleball and practice QiGong and am very active in my church and community.  I have very few down days now and it is wonderful to feel good again. I will continue my regimen and see if I can eventually get it healed all the way.  I pretty well know what I can eat and not eat and if I feel a flare coming on I just go back to the basics.  I tend to eat a combination of foods from each of the phases that work for me.  I am so pleased and I truly feel I can deal with this now and can continue to improve.  I would not have been able to do this without your research.  Thank you again!  Please keep up the good work.  I truly learned to listen to my gut.
All the best to you and your family.