Hi Jini! I did read what I could on your site and I will buy your book soon. I am not skilful on writing but I want to tell you about what helped me a lot from your ideas and to say Thank You. A few months ago I had a surgery for a bladder prolapse. For financial reasons and the fear I had regarding this surgery I decided to go back home to do it to have my family around me. The surgery went OK and after 3 days I was home and I took care of me with a lot of things including oregano oil and my favorite enzymes, Serrapeptase to keep any inflammation down. So far so good. I didn't have to take any pain meds. But after 10 days I discovered that they left a piece of gauze on me. I pulled out of it until I felt pain. I cut that piece out and in the morning I called the doctor to say and I didn't finish when she started to yell at me to go immediately to the hospital which I did. They removed the rest of it and put me for a week on intense antibiotics. I took probiotics and Fluconazol but still I ended up with diarrhea. Some how I felt that from now on I will get better and better. They put a mesh(sling) when I had the surgery because otherwise the prolapse will come back. Here I am back, feeling good and ready and anxious to start working. Maybe I should have waited longer because I couldn't keep the job having pain more now than when I had the surgery. And now it starts where I got help from your writings. One morning I got up feeling that my bladder is painful full but I was not able to urinate at all. I got scared and didn't know what to think. After a few trys I start to urinate a few drops at a time. Then on the same day I started to feel the painful spasms and the need to urinate more and more often, just a few drops each time,day and night. I was not able to sleep more than maybe 2 hours at a time. I thought that I will dye because of lack of sleep and with those painful spasms. Reading whatever I could I found your site and I found very interesting ideas as I browsed through different topics. I thought that this new symptoms looks like I might have IC for which there is no cure. I used d-mannose but it didn't help at all. Then I tried some baking soda, remedy I read on your site and it helped me to go less often and I thought the pain was less. Thank you for that help. I was so desperate... The spasms were still there and the quantity of my urine was less than normal. I did try something that came to my mind which was working for me. I thought that maybe if I could produce more urine and distend my bladder I won't have those spasms and I tried to eat only watermelon for 2 days. It worked. That night I slept more and I realized that those contractions are less often and less painful. I still can't urinate the way I did before surgery, but I can sleep and no more spasms. The signaling that I have to urinate still is stronger than how it was before surgery but I am happy that I am over that scarry and painful time. My urine is still very acidic and I am trying to change that. I will try the DMSO/iodine protocol but topical above my bladder where the sling is. Maybe this problem was caused by that mesh or because of what they forgot on me. I don't know what could have happened to me if I would not find your site.... I have no health insurance and I don't want to go to a doctor anyway. It looks to me that by having the surgery I replaced one problem with a new one and that after spending a lot of my hard worked money.  I took a lot of your time but I replied because I just wanted to say Thank You.