Despite a healthy diet and great digestion all my life, I suddenly developed chronic constipation the same week as my first herpes outbreak.  Being married and middle aged, I didn't even know I had herpes, but 67% of people under 50 do, so I figure others may want to know it can be a cause of dead colonic nerves and chronic constipation..  Unfortunately, my petite body can't handle even one week of painful bowel movements.  I quickly developed hemorrhoids,  fissures and possibly a fistula that caused a bacterial infection in the vagina.  White antibacterial cream I put up there was exiting through my bowel movements - what? 
So this is how Absorb Plus is helping: Desperate to soften the bowel movements when nothing would work, I started taking 3 shakes a day, plus a careful diet.  At first it didn't work, so I had to use Smooth Move Tea to empty my bowels first (Makes me feel a bit sick, but it works).  After that, the shakes worked like a charm, sometimes just two a day.  I eat normal food as well, but never in large quantities, and I focus on fruits & veggies, never too much meat, bread or junk food.  Soup & salad is good, Ezekiel bread, Raisin Bran or oatmeal for grains.  Drinking too much never works, but drinking small quantities often is important, especially when I wake up at night (to keep things moving for the morning bowel movement).  I mainly drink spring water, Emergen-C, Prune Juice, herbal tea, and a homemade electrolyte drink made with lemon juice or raw vinegar.
I'm healing!  The soft bowel movements are helping, and I also make homemade suppositories to use twice a day, using Jini's recipe and large party straws.  I also highly recommend the "Healing Enema" every night (I do a mini one using a 7 0z enema bulb). I think this is key for me, especially as I use fewer shakes.  Not only does it help with healing the colon, it helps ensure a soft bowel movement every morning.   Waking early for a morning walk also help to get things moving. 
The bacterial infection in the vagina has not returned, the swelling is gone, but still a little pain. To continue the healing on that side, it feels best if I rub the area several times a day with a coconut oil mixed with a little oregano oil or "fissure heal"  essential oil.  I just carry a small container in my purse to use whenever I'm in the bathroom. 
Thank you for the LTYG website!  Don't know what I would have done without it, as all the advice from the doctor made me worse.