All this information is amazing! Right now I am just reading the LTYG ebook. I'm only on page 44 but I can't explain it anyway other than "life-changing"!  I feel I am reading my own life story when I read the book. 
I really can't wait until I get home to start the program! I need to be home to start it, because I will have autonomy there.  No one to care for but me.  
For the first time in my life I am excited to get to know my life through the process of following this protocol. I am turning 65 in January 2018 and I realize it may be a long time coming, 
but I look forward to getting to know "me"! I've never had the chance through out my life to even have that as a choice.  I really believe the "Divine Love" that powers the Universe has led me to this book.  
As always it was while I was doing research on someone else's disease that I found this program.  I have always taken care of everyone else in my family, but never myself.  I never had the time, 
to research my own issue, but I always make the time to do it for my family. I want to do  it all.  I am limited on money, but I will do as much as I need on caring for myself for a change.  
Thanks you for all the information you have been passing onto me.