B.R., California, USA
I have been reading your work for about one year.  I purchased the "Listen To Your Gut" book (the big book), read the Natural Treatments book, downloaded the IBD Remission Diet book, had it printed and bound and I am just beginning to read that. Tried the Absorb Plus samples you sent - thank you very much - it works well in my body.  
For about 1 year I have been on Remecaid, because it was the best choice after an initial dx of crohn's by the doctors in May of 2016, after 5months of LOA from work and many tests.  In desperation I was willing to try the Remecaid, avoiding the threat of a 'double surgery' colostomy (No!!!).  I have another small complication I do not want to discuss here, but the Remecaid has helped me function and I have finally begun to gain back almost all of the 20-24 lbs. I lost last year (normal weight 126; went down to about 102, maybe lower, at my worst last year). Now I am up to about 120!!! Thank God!  Last year I told my GI doctor about you and the Wild Oregano Protocol and they asked if I was doing it already.  I said no, (I was just beginning the research), but that I wanted to move in the direction of a more natural healing plan that had the potential to heal me, not just maintain "for the rest of my life", and that I would definitely confer with them before I started any new program.  
I am 71 years young and was in excellent shape,working 40 hours a week at a job/vocation I enjoyed (but stressful on deeper levels I was not aware of), also working on a Masters Degree part time and halfway through the program when my body came to a huge halt in January 2016:  I am now retired and let go of my school work in order to pursue my healing very pro-actively, and also in the process of major detoxifying of my apartment. Although I started out in good physical condition, I am more senior than most I've read about and am concerned about switching over to natural track - I have more research and reading to do but taking small steps in preparation. I appreciate your emails and this is the first time I have shared any of my story.