D.M., Indiana, USA
I've been drinking absorb plus for about 4 weeks now because I had a bowel obstruction, and when I began eating foods again right when I got out of the hospital I was very sensitive, so I began drinking Absorb plus and Ive been very pleased. It has given me the energy that I've needed.  I feel a lot better now these last to weeks that Ive been taking them and not on medication.  The first two weeks I was constipated but I believe it was because of the medication(prednisone) that I was taking because now Im going regular and Im not on the medication.  I did feel a little bloated specially when I would drink 6 or 7 shakes a day and did burp a quit a bit.  On the other hand I could feel that within 20-30 mins I would have more energy, I have been able to take care of my three children 8,7 and 3 on this liquid diet not sure that I would have done so well without it.   When I was in the hospital for 3 days I lost 10 lbs.  so I was 105 lbs and Im currently 114 lbs, 4 weeks after.  I have a stricture where my small and large intestine connect and am looking into doing your stricture healing protocol.  Still in the process of learning and reading about it so I can begin on it.  Thanks for what you do, I do have faith in these protocols and that it can help in the healing process of the body even though my doctor thinks that Im not taking things seriously and I feel this is when Im more than ever taking my health seriously.