A.S., California, USA
Hello Jini! I recently used the elemental kit diet, a month ago i came down with a bad case of diverticulitis, very painful and swollen, even my bladder was in pain, I could hardly walk. I now believe the flair up was caused by a steroid epidural I had 2 weeks prior, due to low back pain, car accident related. I had not had a flair up this bad and none at all in 10 years. The antibiotic were brutal on my gut too. As soon as I came home I researched and found you on YouTube. I follow the bone broth for 7 days, as I could not eat at all, I lost 10 lbs. in the first 4 days… and when inflammation was down, I started the elemental kit for a week. The results were amazing: I started to have energy, my skin cleared, I have brown spots on face for years, my wrinkles even went away! my hair was thinning for year and it also got better. I’ve had joint pain for years, my body does not detox well…that also was relieved! Now I am taking the Absorb Plus and doing 3 shakes a day, and at night I am eating very carefully, started slow with cooked carrots, etc., my digestion is very slow and does not move every day… I understand how dangerous is to be constipated, I am drinking plenty of water and Calm, calcium citrate every night with potassium but still very sluggish. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your wisdom, I will now continue the Absorb Plus routine to lose the 30 lbs. that i need to, I’m 14 lbs. down now in 4 weeks. Can’t thank you enough!!