S.G. Scotland
Thanks for your message. I am still reading your book... with interest... it is a lot to take in but very relevant.  
I have been diagnosed with Crohns/Stricture about 2 years ago (after 20 plus years IBS). I refused the operation to cut out stricture as well as meds that I can't remember the name of but had terrible side effects... and they put me on a low residue diet.  which in fairness has worked really well for me up till now... Thought and did eat all the rubbish of the day and because I could digest it I have been doing very well and live an active life.
Downside is I have gained about 2 stone in weight (only 5 foot and never really had much of a weight problem before) but now feel very uncomfortable in myself.
So, I started searching for a good dietician (hospital dietician available but very basic advice which hasn't really helped me) and came across an alternative nutritionist (French and has a great understanding of foods and seems to have tuned into to me pretty well).  She has suggested I have a blocked Houston valve.
At the same time, I came across your video and books... and you are both very much saying similar things.
So rather than a diet I now have a health plan. I've not started it yet as have been away on holiday to Spain and life does seem to get in the way.
However, I'm continuing to read the book (love the recipes which will be a big help) and will see how it goes.
When I discovered your video, it was like a light bulb moment for me and has basically endorsed my decision to look at an alternative way to help me help myself.
So, when I'm back next week the big plan begins. I am both excited and scared at the same time as it is a complete lifestyle change and not sure how I'll cope with it.
When I'm ready I may phone for a support as offered.
In the meantime, thanks for opening up an option for me that I previously had no idea about.