L.T. Puerto Rico
I can't tell how much this,  the colonic massage video and your book Listen to Your IBS has helped me. About 7 months ago I started to feel like I was going a little bit more than usual to the bathroom, but it wasn't until 3 months ago that I started to feel the horrible symptoms of IBS-D (constant diahrrea, anxiety and panic attacks, malnutrition since I could not eat well, etc). I was having about 10 bowel movements per day and even had to quit my job (I worked in a place that youu had to be completly aseptic) as my doctors were doing all the tests and everything came back negative and they could not find a cause of it. At the end my GI diagnosed me with IBS and I started treatment right away, but even though the treatment was helping, I knew that it was not helping me heal completly as I wanted because as she said, "I can only help you alliviate the symptoms so you can have a more stable life, and this part of the treatment is up to you as I could take the medicine as I felt the symptoms but is up to you to take the correct care of your body". I know that our body has the capacity to heal itself (it takes time, you know) and as I was researching for this disease, I came across with this video. I decided to go further and saw your book, and started reading it. I started implementing all the things you wrote, like the probiotics, vitamins and supplements, as well as the diets, and could notice the improvement within a week and a half. I started alternating my IBS medicine with this holistic approach, and now I have been "drug free" for about 3 weeks. I know it is not that much of a time, but I can tell the difference is BIG. Thats why I cant tell you how grateful I am that I came across this video, and I know we all pass through difficulties in our lives, but is because of that that we can help others in need. And you helped me, as you gave the correct tools that I needed so that I could start giving them to my body so it could start heal itself.